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    PSG.Lgd best btw 1st


      No matter wat I 'll always believe in Navi

      Nick Bones

        Anyone have tips to battlepass bets?


          Keen gaming gonna make a TI run calling it here!

          Brünk Hüll

            LGD is looking really strong right now but part of me wonders if that is in part because Secret and Liquid have started experimenting with drafts to see what's possible. Seems like this kind of thing happens a lot. Secret, however, definitely feel like thier past selves, fizzling just as the hunt for the title truly begins.

            Safe money is probably still on VP to win, but truly the field feels fairly open this year, possibly more open than ever.


              It's China's year this time


                China must lose.

                Slark Suρρort

                  Manchester United must sponsor Navi.


                    Either LGD or VG will win TI, It's just Tea Eye tradition man. Liquid will probably lose in the semi finals or something and VP will probably get knocked out aswell. I'm guessing an SEA team will be on a lower bracket run. Secret will bum out in the play-offs like they usually do. Or maybe VGJ.Storm can win it.

                    Really disappointed by VGJ.Storm in the major final, especially that game 3. Why didn't Reso buy a bkb? He knows that omni won't always be there to repel him. Yawar also needs to step up. His hero pool is really small. All i've seen him is play DP and Gyro. He's more like the space creator.


                      Na'vi is TriHard.