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    Does zero agility increase killed Tiny? Or it just limited Tiny to be an unstoppable late-game core?

    -2k scrub questions

    moisty ;)

      It will be interesting to see how this new version of Tiny works out. Exciting times ahead

      Stone Cold Steve Austin

        "isn't enough to help the hero in the meta"
        That's why we've seen several drafts with Tiny being dominant in pro scene these past days?


          At least his annoying passive has been removed

          Zet Popcorn

            This new tiny is way way more fun. I tried him with a shadow blade and SnY and there was never a tree that was not thrown.


              Can Tiny still output the damage output of a reliable late game physical carry like PA or the nuke burst of someone like pre 7.07 Morph? Or is he pretty bad late game in comparison to other traditional carries now?

              Kaladin Stormblessed

                Check out my profile on how I've been playing him. I play him as a mid or off laner mostly. The way I'm playing him is definitely not as a front liner, but as a ganker to make space for my cores. Grabbing blink and throwing a tree in before blink ava toss combo is super strong especially with the bonus avalanche damage talent. I'm only 4k so my word sure ain't law, but it's whats been working for me.

                Sleight of My Fist In You...

                  whats a retarded change in a retarded patch? keep em coming


                    What's the bug with morphling?


                      This article missed the one positive change tiny revived, status resist. 40% is a big number and if you stack strength items on him you end up around 75% late game. That itself is huge. He is hard to lock down. Zero armour is not so much of an issue with 5k health and practically unable to be locked down. Treegrab with stacking STR items allows him to flash farm early. Nothing can be bad about clearing an entire creepwave at lvl 12 in two hits. Satanic, armlet, treads, heart, halbert, and a.c.. good attack speed and hit 560 a swing and that's without the 30% bonus. Let's do some rough numbers. 425 avalanche with talent, 360 for toss with bonus dmg, 728 for tree grab swing, and 728 for quick tree toss. That's 2241 dmg without doing a perfect blink toss combo.

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                        @ GLOBUL The agi nerf to tiny makes almost no difference to his strengths. The change was 9+0.9 to 0+0, which if you scale all the way to lvl 25, is only 30.6 agi less. That is just 30 less attack speed and 4.37 less armour (remember before 7.07, 7 agi = 1 armour), both of which can be easily supplemented by armour and attack speed items, which tiny is going to get anyways.

                        Stone Cold Steve Austin

                          @mllcg The Morphling bug is that you have toss without CD if you morph into Tiny. You can literally throw an enemy into air 20 times in a row, given you have the mana pool.


                            ПРОСТО МАШИНА ДЛЯ ЕБЛИ


                              LV 20 talent tree should change to 0 CD



                                you genius bro , nice to read your words