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ダイヤ 黒澤 Dia Kurosawa

    Ugh... a card game based on Dota 2.... Totally not so hyped about it.... =.=;;;


      Really nice play by liquid game 3

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        hearthstone valve version?? XD


          I thought Liquid was going home but then miracle happened.


            The Chinese only had 5 wins to show for at the end of a 25 minute game.


            Miracle’s Puck died x times within the first 10 minutes, heavily delaying any mid game impact he could’ve had.

            *I think it was 4.

            Erase Humanity

              Not sure, but it looked like EG baited Empire to draft Sven.

              Sleight of My Fist In You...

                time to bring fear and ppd out of retirement...zai and crit are just not working out..universe had perhaps his worst tournament ever...even sumail failed to impress and couldnt carry eg like he did in that dac or whatever tournament that eg won some time back this year

                rtz is proving to be just a pub stomper...i think that miracle's the only player to fully justify the hype from the pub scene

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                  Im the biggest and the baddest

                  The Robot Devil

                    "Miracle’s Puck died x times within the first 10 minutes" -- he died four times by 10:19 according to the dotabuff death log, 3 times by 10 minutes.

                    (muted) delulu is the solulu

                      Looks like Resolution is proving to be the x factor in Empire's rise

                      Soul of an Idiot

                        EG FeelsBadMan D:


                          card game xd
                          i summon my twin headed blue eyes black dragon *jakiro*