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    dondo for support pos

    Bobby Corwen

      Rip team freedom, 3 chances to make TI and lost everyone


        Farewell NAVI


          GO TNC!!!!


            NAVI, Faceless, Odd disband anyone?

            Windows 95 was lit


              Wae わえ

                RIP earthspirit

                Gene Starwind

                  SK, Earthshaker and Nightstalker roam is OP. They are so much fun.


                    I wish old alliance were still together, this meta is shaping up towards their style


                      GGWP.. greatest qualifier imo...

                      Brünk Hüll

                        Looking at the list of teams that didn't make the cut really shows just how exciting TI might be this year. The scene last year had only a few teams that showed any possibility of winning (and one true underdog team), but now it's very difficult to guess the outcome. Secret is a long shot but has shown great patience that might pay off finally, VP seems almost desperate to win, OG once again sets itself up for a guaranteed big story (win or lose), Liquid really could claw in, and despite how easy it is to ignore them, EG seems to always climb the ladder.

                        If I were a betting man, I'd say VP takes it. But my heart holds a candle out for Na'Vi. I'd be happy with DC, and may Jacky Mao rot at the bottom. Jerk.

                        John Silver (Donor)
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                            Say something about no SD in all regions. Also Alch, WW and Morphling


                              Lets c what this 10K can do against M-God and Team ;p


                                no , not fun roaming with poor ES no item

                                its like roaming useless fissure


                                  Lets c what this 10K can do against M-God and Team ;p

                                  the truth is whatever he do to climb to 10k even with help of teammates

                                  he still 10k , talk about him after u raise ur mmr even 3000 mmr
                                  this rimo match is normal match , its below 3000 mmr for sure

                                  u can ask all your friend
                                  or use money to make them help u to gain even 7k

                                  10k with teammates help is super hard bro , try it by yourself