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Michael Trapson





        A loli courier...well, Valve certainly knows it's player base.

        Ghastly Wail

          My Crystal Maiden is the most beautiful ;D


            Yeah, the loli courier is a nice touch, not exactly something I expected to see in Dota2.


              im i late

              6 brain cells remaining

                im first


                  April 1st passed.


                    What The Fuck


                      Happy to see this off the ground. Good work, DB team.

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                      Dota Scientist

                        "Who wore it best?" refers to two different people wearing the same outfit, not the same person wearing two different outfits as the title graphic displays. This is a gross oversight in popular culture satire, and should be addressed immediately.


                          Nice la


                            13th ghost

                            Would love to have an option to see my items and somehow mix and match it here on this site

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                            Ghastly Wail

                              Dark Moon Baby Roshan 1.999$ dafuq ...

                              Sheesh my normal Baby Roshan just 2,60$

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                              Kappa: Story of an ass eater

                                What Dota is missing is what Dotahattery used to provide before the website went under and had to shut down. Dota has no easy way to look at and customize custom sets for hero without purchasing the items.

                                You should really look into creating a feature that shows the hero model and lets you put on different pieces of gear from all sorts of different sets. I'm sure it's easier said than done but it's a service that is currently unavailable and a need that needs to be filled.



                                  Juan Solo

                                    If it would be possible to add a currency exchange/converter feature on the cosmetics page, that would be very helpful. All in all, you guys did a good job! Thanks Dotabuff team!


                                      still no viper skin


                                        Something to think about regarding the Mirana arrow cosmetic is that the people who buy cosmetics for that hero tend to play that hero a lot. But there are people who have never played mirana before, don't have any mirana cosmetics, they try the hero out a few times, don't do that great with her because it's a new hero for them, then never play her again because it doesn't fit their playstyle.

                                        I'm curious what the win rate % would be like for the cosmetic arrow vs default arrow for players who have played mirana more than 100 times?

                                        1-IceTea 🌟

                                          Good work,seem like Dotabuff gonna help valve make more money, which is good.


                                            This is really well thought out and a pleasure to use!


                                              omfg cosmetic items has stats now?


                                                you should be able to view all of your own cosmetics, however it should default to locked (nobody can see it) with the option to make it public.


                                                  I'd just like to compliment the writer on the introduction. Love the play on the Old Spice commercial.

                                                  Heartnet #MidsummerMadness

                                                    Now this, this is exactly what I really wanted to have ever since I started collecting cosmetics! If possible I believe somebody should make an app on mobile

                                                    DDU-DU DDU-DU

                                                      good release dotabuff!

                                                      Go Beyond!

                                                        man since Jumo came out, i really wanted to get my hands on it. But it seems impossible now


                                                          Wooow nice one dotabuff epic feature

                                                          from now on im gonna be using this when swag times come !


                                                            ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                            >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                                                              Dumb "feature".


                                                                If you need cosmetics to win games, I feel sorry for you xD

                                                                1.21 GIGAWATTS

                                                                  GREAT SCOTT !


                                                                    I actually prefer the regular jugger over this weird overflashy arcana


                                                                      Could you add Infused items to the table please?


                                                                        The Assassins Creed lookin jugg set is still the best (Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete) still 160.00 bucks

                                                                        Sylvia Lastname

                                                                          I just want the Golden Shards of Exile.

                                                                          It's hard enough being an OD main volvo pls.


                                                                            -25 caz you use attraction cosmetic that makes you a fun target to kill.


                                                                              DAC newsest right? I wanna TI BOOK


                                                                                Is there a way to tell how much people has such rare items?


                                                                                  Jugg arcana worst cosmetic ever, dont worth the price , make an arcana for invoker :D

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