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    1-IceTea 🌟



        3rd and im 12 btw


          ^ this guy

          Windows 95 was lit

            Good stuff!

            Feichang Gaoxing

              5th dammit

              Big Fish



                  7th pfff...


                    8th omg!

                    Dr. Orpheus

                      Am I the only one who supports the team with the nicer logo?


                        uhmmmm.. Hi mom?

                        Derp's missing tax files

                          Blondie^ I presume by that statement you are supporting B)ears


                            THIRST! :)


                              Liquid champion i swear


                                Was very disappointed they didn't invite TnC considering their recent run of good results, but as many will argue(and are probably right), WESG was a just Tier 2 tournament, no matter the prize pool. Whatever. All the teams here are deserving in any case. If TnC really are good enough, they should get through the qualifiers regardless. If not, it will show that they weren't worthy.


                                  Thank Tnc fangay here 😂 Peace...

                                  Paid actor

                                    dc will win this major

                                    brain damage

                                      I think liquid will take it
                                      But I have alot of faith in eg

                                      ambien daisy duck

                                        $800,00 prize pool?
                                        Is that 800 dollars, or 800 thousand dollars?


                                          СУКА ГДЕ НАВЕ!11111111!!!1


                                            Без NA'Vi нас ждёт скука,и собственно победа OG


                                              I love Wings and hope they win or go in final


                                                2k17 no one remember who navi are


                                                  This probably going to be the end of navi if they don't qualify on their own backyard.... TNC will have to run the gauntlet just like team faceless and WG Unity,all need to prove themselves again

                                                  Brünk Hüll

                                                    The conundrum surrounding AdFinem and incentivizing teams to play skillfully as opposed to just showing up or not showing at all is yet another reason I strongly advocate the formation of a better structured system. Lots of people hate the word 'league' when talking about competitive Dota, but I have yet to see a better way to get teams to participate and provide empirical evidence that the teams that go to the Majors deserved their spot. No more arguments over what team deserves a spot based on current performance or number of games played or any other stuff.

                                                    Everyone plays in division tournaments that give points based on place, the top teams from each division are given placement in the Major where each division plays for bonus points. Total overall points are used to determine who gets spots at TI. Current tournament organizers like Starladder and DAC would be used to host each division. Any team that wants to play at TI is required to enter every tournament specified for their division, meaning everyone would play equal amounts of games. Trading is still allowed, but teams must field or yield every game. You couldn't continue to ride on your past success, but you also wouldn't be able to sit out tournaments and expect to keep your spot.

                                                    Traditional sports may have bad practices within their leagues, but that doesn't mean we should throw out the baby with the bathwater. Core concept of a league is good.


                                                      WHERE'S DONDO THE SUPAMIDA FAM!?
                                                      Dondo is broken hero, new meta.
                                                      Nerf Dondo.


                                                        Man maybe this will be the last year for Dendi he will probably retire next year.

                                                        Cookies Monster

                                                          London is the capital of great Britain

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