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      why nerf supp PA?



        フェイタン ポートオ

          Make PA cancer again !




              I am in like Flynn.

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              Mbeju Volador

                sup lol


                  LEAVE OD ALONE


                    Batrider :(

                    Nero Scarlet

                      When was the last time Abbadon got...anything?
                      Show him some love.


                        2nd please?


                          No mention how weak oracle is for the 1st 10 mins of the game?


                            hana is my crush

                            no handshake

                              The post reads "Trends of Patch 6.88" but no word is said about actual trends -- all there is a half-baked patch note analysis. I usually cherish this blog but this post was a bit disappointing to be honest.


                                Two of the four changes to OD you listed are buffs. Also, why the hell would support PA ever exist?


                                  Vos daronnes ?

                                  Wuff Time in Dota 2

                                    Support PA is cool, TBH. The idea that you can run any hero that is normally a carry as a support can be quite a plot twist in drafts, the only problem comes when that hero is picked ALL THE TIME. Like PA and Mirana before her and Lina in 6.84 before that, Earthshaker in 6.83 (and to a similar manner in 6.85-6 where mid/safe shaker was a situational thing), and so on.

                                    PA did deserve some nerfs, but I personally don't think the current ones solve the issue. Why does PA's dagger need to be over 1000 range to begin with anyway? I'd have had it go 700/800/900/1000 and added in maybe one more minor tweak on top of it, but I ain't icefrog.


                                      Why batrider?


                                        "Why would support PA exist" - 1k mmr


                                          Latest change on sniper?

                                          Adun Kota Bharu

                                            Kunkka also got nerf .. my lovely kunkka



                                              show some love to clockwerk T_T
                                              he need everyone love back as top tier hooker

                                              Ice my frog

                                                Illusions nerfed! so Monkey King got nerfed even before release.

                                                Old Raven

                                                  @Jamestb0600: Not weak at all? He crushes 2v1 lanes, can gank with his root and can still trade mana hp if the lane goes bad. Which part of him is weak?
                                                  He just starts becoming bad if his ult is very delayed and he has to skirmish/teamfight without promise.

                                                  @article: I agree that there's fairly little content here. I'm not sure what exactly I learned from reading it :/



                                                    I'ma Need about Tree Fiddy

                                                      To the people asking the point of support PA was that she could go as a roamer, go to any lane with just a clarity and an orb of venom and stand outside of exp range spamming dagger on cool down without the lane she's helping losing exp. I did it a few times and you just win mid for your mid hero, it's essentially a 2v1 mid without the down side ( the farming mid hero losing exp advantage ) so she can spend a few minutes level 1 , maybe get levels if she gets a kill, control runes, and easily transition into a core later if necessary as her ult still does a lot of damage when she hits 6 regardless of whether or not she has items.


                                                        There is only one trend. It's Phantom Assassin with Desolator, every game every time.


                                                          but not now


                                                            Armor piercing dagger is the best dagger. dats why PA loves to buy Desolator. U can one hit full hp lina with crit included

                                                            BUM!! I'M REALLY LIKE THAT

                                                              WHERE IS MY ABADDON BUFF


                                                                abbadon is fine niga. check my profyle.

                                                                fuck Me and Kiss My aSS

                                                                  He was another one of the beneficiaries of Dragon Lance, while a Blink Dagger granted him the elusiveness of a poor man’s Puck. Valve continues to adjust turn the hero balance knobs on a select number of their heroes,,,,,
                                                                  when the changes are incremental over a long period of time

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                                                                    i hate es jumping ... haha now i dont buy ags for happy without casting enchat totem

                                                                    Your Mother In Law

                                                                      buff BROODMOTHER PLEASE


                                                                        why nerf blink for pa?


                                                                          if changed leep on mirana, is no chance to play him.