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    Thats cuuuute <3


      все что я понял это что девушка автора на скае играет лучше чем он

      jotchua fan

        Stop making these to brag about your girlfriend.


          I think that a St. Valentine's Day is the most matching day for a post where you tell about your girlfriend's dota progress

          rodolfo chikilicuatre

            cyka blyat

            repugnant slut

              happy high suicide rate day. yeah.

              blue clark

                i have a girlfriend here's guide from our experience


                  Have you guys come up with a system to not track the win rate of year beast brawls (the same as you wouldnt count AD or ARDM)? I played a few games and the outcomes are so random I feel like our winrates shouldnt be punished (for whoever is above 50%) or rewarded (for whoever is below 50%) for such a random mini-game.


                    awwwww.... so sweet :3

                    Mikhail Teslov

                      My girlfriend is the best ginger-with-the-soul player ever <3

                      The Rhythm Thief

                        Guys, it doesn't count when you are dating your hand.

                        from Arch1 to Guard1 in 1...

                          так мило! <3


                            buy bloodstoen and use the active pleaase


                              Hey, WTF is going on with this stupid POP UP and REDIRECTING ADS?
                              WTF IS THIS?
                              If there is anything I hate on the internet , than its that, stupid pop up ad!
                              And there is no way it can be turned off, I tryed everything, you guys are unbelivable!
                              This is such a nice site but you are making it lokk pathetic!


                                @GAMER: I have no pop up ads here and I don't run adblock. Scan your comp.


                                  "how stupid it is to argue over a game"

                                  he called dota just a game, 4k trash.

                                  logically im Bad my Mount...

                                    I Fuck your ruski mamkas!

                                    Liquid. Miracle-

                                      i have girlfriend in my dream

                                      Noob = Angel

                                        whut the fuck off with thisfuckingshit girl