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N0tail hacked while streaming in General Discussion
Dota is Pain

    Edit: vid has 720p option.
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    Sup m8
      wow that would be scary
      God among peasants
        hopefully nothing srs will come out of this like stolen bitcoins, empty pay pal accs and so on
          Holy shit haha. I laughed really hand when I read, "WHERE'S YOUR MEEPO NOW???"
              That's fucking terrifying, how is he so calm while it happens O_O
                wouldn't happen if he used linux

                  best distro, please get it today and be euphoric

                  Havoc Badger
                    Fedora isn't for casual desktop use at all and there are also a number of known security bugs in Linux that are fairly easy to exploit if you don't guard against them.

                    The new SteamOS will probably be a decent option for people who want to try out a distro without panicking.
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                    God among peasants
                      if only using linux wasnt so difficult
                      Havoc Badger
                        Like a new phone it takes time and fiddling to get the hang of it. Don't worry about the tech stuff as that is only if you want to improve or build on your user experience. Its similar to learning powershell or something similar, it can add value but isn't needed to be able to use the OS at a basic user level.
                          next level ruin
                          Sugar Show
                            Looks fake.
                              Read 4-th comment on youtube -_-
                              Game Is Hard
                                Dota is Pain
                                  yea if that happened to me, i'd just disconnect my ethernet line from my tower.

                                  rofl at that youtube comment.
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                                    steam os is just "big picture", i dont even know why valve claims its built on a distro when it will stream games from windows

                                    getting into linux isnt hard, it takes probably 3-4 days to get the feel of it, the big three is ubuntu, mint and fedora. your biggest obstacle will be the terminal since its a bit complicated but the big three distros have been made to appeal casuals anyway

                                    personally fedora is the best distro, cant wait to fucking abandon windows for good when more people start using linux so developers can leave that abomination os made by microshit
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                                      DividynehHá 26 minutos

                                      The hacker is Relentless, he did this with Kidades help.


                                      Upvote this comment so Notail can see!

                                      God among peasants
                                        my low- skills when it comes to using powershell are main reason behind linux distros dissapearing from my pc after 2/3 days I hate learning new pc related things
                                        Dota is Pain
                                          not for nothing wave, linux users have been saying that for almost two decades now.
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                                            yeah there are a lot of potential on this steamOS i heard.

                                            You might want to try if all of your games are original and inside steam
                                            For me, i need my desktop to stay windows at least
                                            since I'm already using UNIX on my laptop for work, i need some variation.

                                            and most of my game are from steam's underground community so i better not try it
                                            since it doesn't benefit me much
                                              If you want to start using linux, it's better wait for the ubuntu 14.04 that will be released in this April, you can install steam to ubuntu

                                              but if you want to stick to steam OS,
                                              Don't forget to use NVIDIA card and avoid AMD since it's proprietary driver is still suck until now.
                                              Dota is Pain
                                                this was the result of someone getting their hands on fnatic's teamviewer login.
                                                Sam Fuckin' Peckinpah
                                                  ^Yep, thank you xPeke.
                                                  Dota is Pain
                                                    league players