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What is Dotabuff?

Dotabuff is the only resource you’ll ever need when it comes to Dota 2 statistics. Whatever statistic you’re looking for, we’ll make sure you have it!

How does it work?

We track every public game played in Dota 2, both Normal games aswell as Bot games. Based on that info, we can build statistics for every player of Dota 2. Just enter your nickname or STEAM id in the search box, and you’ll find your personal statistics in an instant!

Who’s behind Dotabuff?

Dotabuff is owned and operated by the former founders of, a leading Esports coverage and gaming community that was acquired by Major League Gaming in 2007. We are also the owners of the successful League of Legends site We teamed up with the owner of, to bring you the best experience in Dota 2 statistics.

We have team members in Vancouver, Washington; Austin, Texas; Belgium, Germany, and Australia.

What happened to

This site is the logical evolution of It has a better domain name, better layout, more features and more stable servers. We’re still the same people though!

I need help or support!

Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page, it has answers to many questions about topics such as win-loss records, profile updates, match history and more.

If you can't find the answers you need in the FAQ, please drop us an email at or tweet @dotabuff.

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