(Frequently Asked Questions)

My profile doesn't have all of my matches. What's happening?

Valve has implemented a privacy setting that determines whether or not we can identify you in the matches you play. This is called the "Share Match History" setting and is off by default, meaning that you need to turn it on in order to have your matches show up on Dotabuff.

Please see this page for more information: Enabling Statistics

I've enabled the "Share Match History" setting but don't see all of my games!

You'll need to sign in with Steam using your Dota 2 account. Afterwards, we'll provide a link you can click to update all of your match data.

Sign in with Steam

I can't find my player profile, what do I do?

Try signing in with Steam, you will automatically be redirected to your profile.

If you arrive at your page and it has no data or hasn't been updated in a while, make sure statistics are enabled and then play a game.

I won a match but it resulted in a personal loss for me (as shown on my profile), what happened?

Losses are given for abandons regardless of whether your team won or not. An abandon occurs when you are AFK or disconnect from the match for more than a few minutes.

My match said "no stats will be recorded" but Dotabuff counted the match anyways, help!

Unfortunately we don't have a perfect process for determining whether or not a match "counts" or not. The Dota API does not supply enough information or a concrete process for making this determination. We have developed an in-house algorithm that has over 99% accuracy, but it cannot be sure in all situations.

If and when Valve adds support to the API that allows us to determine whether a match counted, and if each player received a win, loss or abandon, we will retroactively fix all matches and recalculate records. Please do not contact support regarding this issue, we are powerless to fix this.

My record wins and losses are slightly different than in the client. What's happening?

Due to the issue with determining matches that are "no stats recorded", your record may be off by a few matches in each field. If and when Valve gives us the proper data to fix this, we will fix all matches and recalculate your wins and losses.

My friends list isn't up to date, what's wrong?

Friend lists on player profile pages update once every few days. We hope to improve this limitation in the future.

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