A Glimpse into the Future: Abyssal UnderlordBy KawaiiSocks
A Glimpse into the Future: Abyssal Underlord

With post-TI5 drama slowly dying out we can finally concentrate on what is really important to us as players - game we have a love/hate relationship with and its future development. With the extensive coverage of all popular picks and general meta in our previous blog posts it is quite possible to make fairly accurate predictions about the imminent 6.85 and, as always, we will be doing a full analysis of the patch notes once they are released. Today, however, we have decided to talk about something far more exciting - a new hero which is expected to arrive some time soon - Abyssal Underlord.

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TrueSight Reborn: Now Supporting Source 2By Jason
TrueSight Reborn: Now Supporting Source 2

Today we're launching initial TrueSight support for Source 2. It's been a long road to get here and there's still work to be done, but Plus subscribers can expect all of their past and future Reborn matches to be analyzed with TrueSight. Read on to learn more about the existing effort, open source contributions and what you can expect in the future.

Pubs Before and After TI5By eggs
Pubs Before and After TI5

It's no question that the state of our pub games has changed due to The International 5, whether for the better or worse. Heroes like Storm Spirit and Lina skyrocketed in pick rate, namely due to the success of strong mid laners in the main event, such as EG.Sumail, EHOME.Cty and LGD.Maybe. EG picked Gyro four straight times in the Grand Finals. The day after his pick rate rose from 14% to 17%. And then there's Leshrac, the most banned hero of the tournament, who didn't see much change in his pick rate.

TI5 Stats RecapBy KawaiiSocks
TI5 Stats Recap

The International 5 was arguably the best International, even if the post-TI week has spoiled some of the joy with the disbands and roster changes. One of the reasons for such a great TI was the patch it was played in - it is heavily team-fight oriented with balanced comeback gold mechanics and a decent pool of viable heroes. Today we are going to have a look at the most popular heroes in this TI and will try to analyse the reasons behind their success.

Evil Geniuses Win The International 5By eggs
Evil Geniuses Win The International 5

For the first time in TI’s five year history, a North American team, Evil Geniuses, has taken first place and its largest prize—6.6 million dollars. After dropping to the lower bracket in a 0-2 loss against CDEC, Evil Geniuses came back, first with a decisive 2-0 victory over LGD, then with a second chance against CDEC in the finals, they took the series 3-1, becoming the Grand Champions of TI5.

TI5 Main Event Day 4 Recap: Virtus.Pro Upset Team Secret, VG Undefeated, and A New 10 vs. 10 Custom Game ModeBy eggs
TI5 Main Event Day 4 Recap: Virtus.Pro Upset Team Secret, VG Undefeated, and A New 10 vs. 10 Custom Game Mode

After four days of Dota, only five teams remain at the International. VP had the biggest upset of the tournament by eliminating Secret in a tense 2-1 win. VG looked unstoppable with a 7-0 record from the lower bracket. MVP.Phoenix entertained again with the first Slark pick of the main event. And Valve introduced a new 10 vs 10 custom game mode in their all star match. I hope they’ll also increase the number of reports available.

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