Fallen From Grace - Gyrocopter's Irrelevancy In The Current MetaBy Skim on
Fallen From Grace - Gyrocopter's Irrelevancy In The Current Meta

As patches come and go, so do hero trends. Heroes can go from hot picks to dead fish and vice versa. The current meta seems to make every hero viable, but the harsh reality is that among the 105 different hero picks at TI6, there were several heroes whose appearances were short lived, especially considering how consistently picked they had been before.

The Art of DeceptionBy KawaiiSocks on
The Art of Deception

The International 2016 highlighted the importance of the drafting stage more than any other tournament in the recent history of Dota. With 105 heroes picked and banned during the Seattle Lan stage, it is clear that adhering to a single strategy might not be the best course of action. Granted, there were some picks which were popular throughout the whole tournament, but there was no natural, predefined progression to the follow-ups in the draft.

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Pub Trends Post TI6By eggs on
Pub Trends Post TI6

It happens after every premier tournament, but especially after The International: Everyone comes home, loads up Dota, and plays the same heroes that dominated the tournament. The effort is part sentimental, trying to emulate your favorite professional players and their heroes within your game. But it’s also part exploitation, by using the heroes that dominated the main stage.

Ignored But Not Forgotten - The Unpicked Heroes of TI6By Skim on
Ignored But Not Forgotten - The Unpicked Heroes of TI6

The past year has seen an incredible progression towards a meta that has been more diverse than any before. With 105/110 hero picks during the LAN portion of The International 2016, this meta will easily enter the history books of Dota 2. With such a diverse meta, it begs the question, why the left out heroes weren’t worth considering, especially considering the past International, where heroes like Lina and Leshrac were amongst the top picks. Why do they not matter anymore?

TI6—Heroes of the TournamentBy KawaiiSocks on
TI6—Heroes of the Tournament

The International 6 was full of great games—courtesy of an excellent patch and seemingly equal power levels of the participating teams. Analyzing the tournament meta is close to impossible with a relatively even spread across hero contest rates, even throughout the main event. If previously, when pressed against a wall, teams would resort to the comfort picks, this time the exact opposite was true—on the brink of elimination experiments had to be made and one-dimensional teams were among the first to leave.

Wings Gaming Are The International 2016 ChampionsBy eggs on
Wings Gaming Are The International 2016 Champions

With a 3-1 victory over Digital Chaos, Wings Gaming became this year’s TI champions. This year’s prize pool broke records once again. Second place finishers DC will take home $3.4 million, while Wings Gaming will take the grand prize of the Aegis and $9.1 million.

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