Explaining Cleave Damage And How to Deal With ItBy Gorgon on
Explaining Cleave Damage And How to Deal With It

Cleave is a mechanic that has been around for ages and a variety of currently popular heroes, such as Sven, Juggernaut or Tiny, utilize its effects to gain an advantage. There are a lot of interactions and intricacies surrounding this mechanic however that many are not aware of. Freelance writer Gorgon breaks down Cleave for us.

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Dealing with Heavy PushBy KawaiiSocks on
Dealing with Heavy Push

In our blog posts we often emphasize the importance of a coherent draft. Good lineup is a crucial factor in winning the game, yet unfortunately we rarely get a say in what other players in our team are picking, unless Captain’s mode is being played. In AP it usually leads to both teams having weird compositions which have very unclear win conditions.

The Mysteries Behind The International InvitesBy eggs on
The Mysteries Behind The International Invites

Here’s one of the questions generated by Valve’s shadowy invite protocol: if Fnatic did not attend ESL One Frankfurt, would they have been invited to The International? The answer is unknowable, at least to the public, because no one knows how The International’s invites work.

TI6: More Qualifiers Are Good, But Does Region Matter?By Skim on
TI6: More Qualifiers Are Good, But Does Region Matter?

With every year that passes, the competitive scene becomes fiercer and stronger, as more teams and player arise to aim for the top. As a result, it becomes increasingly more difficult to determine, which team is the best, let alone which teams deserve direct invites to events. So when it comes to the most prestigious event of them all, The International, there are a variety of opinions as to who should be invited. ,

Valve has not set any clear rules as to who they wish to invite and what they base it on. In fact, Valve has not clearly defined what The International is even about. Is it truly the pinnacle of Dota 2, the tournament that honors and celebrates the absolute best of the best in the world, or is it a gathering of the best teams worldwide with a portion of regional representation and balance?

Parity or Power Creep? Patch 6.88’s Pub TrendsBy eggs on
Parity or Power Creep? Patch 6.88’s Pub Trends

It was surprising to see a patch released so quickly, almost immediately, after the Manila Major ended. In patch 6.88, Valve deployed a number of minor tweaks to “iron out the rough edges” for ESL Frankfurt and the upcoming TI qualifiers. These rough edges, it seems, are heroes that they felt are too strong, not strong enough, or just underused. During the Manila Major main event, 25 heroes were ignored during the drafting phase. In patch 6.88, 24 out of 25 of those heroes received minor buffs.

The Return Of TinkerBy KawaiiSocks on
The Return Of Tinker

After receiving nothing but buffs for five patches in a row, Tinker is now officially back in the meta. Despite not playing a dominant role in the recent Manila Major, the hero is undeniably viable and is making quite an appearance in higher level pub games, with an impressive ~20% pick rate in 4k+ MMR games.

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