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"disconnected from server: unable to establish a connection to server" in General Discussion
    I dont know how to "search" the forum section of this website (search in top of screen didnt work for this), so if this is a re-post I apologize in advance.

    I was just playing a game as L.S. and everything was going smoothly. All of a sudden boom out of no where my hero seems to moonwalk in place and the disconnect countdown timer comes on. Although on rare occasions I can reconnect, this time like most others I was not. A window comes up in the dota 2 main page that says "disconnected from server: unable to re-establish connection...". I kept trying to reconnect until it stopped letting me (game finished i guess).

    I searched the web for a solution but there was none. Instead there was a lot of other people facing the same problem. Some suggested that the router was the problem, and gave instructions on how to configure that specific brand (not my brand). Others suggested that it was a problem with the servers (FYI i only que on US east west), and the "fix" can only be done by Valve. Any suggestions or solutions on how to go about resolving this would be greatly appreciated. (FYI i have an SMC Networks router)

    Although this does NOT happen to me very frequently it's still very frustrating to be disconnected from a game and being denied access to come back.

    P.S. for those who were on my team Im sorry but I honestly tried to comeback ;(
      It seems everyone from that game got disconnected lol. I cant find it on dota nor dotabuff weird.
        Servers hiccups and/or network splits will wipe out the game for everyone usually. If your own ISP goes out and you have dynamic IP, you need to restart dota2(not steam) and hope you can get back in in case noone paused.
          Usually the game gets deleted when everyone gets disconnected.

          What is more annoying, is when a random guy in your team gets disconnected, you wait for him 5 min, he is still offline on steam, you continue game, and when game gets safe to leave, he finally comes back, after at least one other left the game. This also seem to be server issue.

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            I just got "disconnected" ... trying to find match ... matches can be found without any difficulties, but the moment before the selection of the hero, that's when the error message "disconnected from server: unable to re-establish connection..." shows up ... :(
            very annoying !! what to do ?? anyone knows ?? :(
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              whats happening? got 3 games straight always disconnected. And cant recon back. Already got abandons. frustrating. :(
              Jugun ianfu
                has anyone slove this?
                it happen to me past 3 days ago

                when i set launch option into -console
                the window on dota give this

                Current item schema is up-to-date with version FF2043A3.
                GetUGCDetails failed? (UGC=0000000000000000 nFileSizeInBytes=0).
                Browser Message: [cycle] 1 - img slide not loaded, requeuing slideshow: 0 0 -
                Browser Message: [cycle] 2 - img slide not loaded, requeuing slideshow: 0 0 -

                i already restart and re instal dota 2 and steam
                turn on or off windows firewall still nothing
                got a good connection
                can some one help me?

                all i got just
                "Disconnected from server. unable to estabilish connected to server"

                  Today, I got low priority because of this problem! And I found one possible solution to this problem too:

                  I tried to reconnect, nothing happened!
                  I reset the game and tried to reconnect, nothing happened!
                  Then I said fuck it: I reset my router and that's your solution.

                  Just hope that your teammates and the other team are not utter jerks and keep going without you.
                    Yesterday I had this game:
                    Somehow, we all got disconnected, but got a win for some reason. Usually these "server crashed" games are not recorded.

                    Then I tred ~5 games and all of them I got disconnected before picking our heroes. Then I switched to EU East and was fine.

                    EU West servers seem to have problems from time to time.
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                      This has happened to me a lot recently as well. Sometimes waiting for loaders, sometimes mid game. Damn annoying. I hear shit happens though. EU west btw.

                      Would imagine Volvo are aware and will fix it 'in time'.....VALVE TIME!
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                        Disconnected from Server
                        Unable to establish connection to the server.
                        Disconnected from Server
                        Unable to establish connection to the server.
                        Disconnected from Server
                        Unable to establish connection to the server.
                        Disconnected from Server
                        Unable to establish connection to the server.
                        Disconnected from Server
                        Unable to establish connection to the server.
                        Disconnected from Server
                        Unable to establish connection to the server.
                        Disconnected from Server
                        Unable to establish connection to the server.
                        tapekiller | テープキラー
                          Don't even think about seeing this fixed. Seems like volvo doesnt even reply on the dota2dev forum.
                          Show us a sign ffs.
                            Used to happen to me all the time. Our crappy 5D/0.7U speed of DSL internet was probably the issue.

                            We have new and faster internet now and it hasn't happened since.

                            try to put down

                            -clientport 80

                            in your launch options, I used to do that, but it's not a solution. Sometimes it worked for me sometimes it didn't. Thats just something I prayed would work, and open your ports for Steam too as well.