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a c e

    Is there anyone here who made a new account (in or after 2022) and his account didn't get banned?

    Is there a way to not get banned on a new acc?

    sad enjoyer

      u use new email?, what u choosen i am beginner, played dota 2 or played similar game?


        I hope every smurf acc gets banned for the better community. I have to say there's like 80-90% less smurfs now in my games.

        Some Be

          you need to load at least 50

          a c e

            @Some Be wdym load 50?

            a c e

              @Lex It's already impossible for a smurf to be matched with regular players. Smurf matches are found in a completely different pool of matchmaking (smurf pool) which only consists of other smurf players. This carries on atleast until they have 800+ games on their account.