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General DiscussionIs playing according to your queued role so hard to do?

Is playing according to your queued role so hard to do? in General Discussion
Yo Soy Eduardo

    Yesterday i queued safe lane and picked alch, while my support picked bloodseeker which he went carry build, went to my lane to steal a wave worth of cs before proceeding to jungle, while my hard support picked tide, which isnt the worst thing in the world but definitely suboptimal. Also my offlane picked ursa for some reason and went to build carry as well.

    Any advice on how to deal with this kind of situation? People in the low MMR just doesn't seem to understand that in role queue there is a specific role that they should play


      Dont pick heroes that are dependent upon other people helping you farm, or just pick support.

      tv/adgoku24 ™ |

        at 1k, do ppl even know how roles work? As far as i remember, till I reached like archon or something, I didn't knew what roles were supposed to be.
        All I knew was, Support = buy wards, Core = don't buy wards, that's it. I played spec support using that logic LOL


          not worth having expectations down in 1k people there are hopeless and always will be. Focus on your own game and getting better, players grief roles until archon.


            pick naga/huskar, go double mid. solo win game


              Yeah; close that account up and start a new one. You'll lose a lot less time that way.

              Pepe Le Pew Pew

                im sadly also low rank, and what i noticed is that a lot of people that pick support role, often want to have a support that is scaling well into late game instead of playing actually supp.
                Really frustrating....

                tv/adgoku24 ™ |

                  ^think of it like this.
                  Playing actual support, you abandon the thought of winning the game on your own. You have to rely on your cores to wrap up the game. It takes good mental strength to not tilt, when you win lane for your carry, and they just make stupid choices and lose the game. ex. My offlane slardar rushes vanguard first item and safelane razor rushes bloodstone, so we have neither initiate nor damage dealer in game at 18 mins.

                  Do your trust a random 1k player to carry you to victory? Do you have the mental capacity to accept the loss when your cores eat shit and go to next game with the same mindset of giving your core the best lane?

                  Good supports are never stuck at low mmr.
                  Anyone that says "I'm good support" but is at low mmr. - Is not a good support player. As simple as that.


                    I mainly play hard support. Several months ago I had a six game stretch where every carry started with either no items at all or started with something like brown boots. What I most remember is an Anti Mage who started with no items and bought his first item, a Broadsword, around 11 minutes. He kept saying "no support" in lane, like it's even possible to support a carry that refuses to buy items. There are also lesser versions of this sort of nonsense from core players, e.g. Drow Ranger starting with a naked Wraith Band. Pro tip, if you think an extra 2 amor and 6 attack speed for 220 gold is going to win your lane as Drow you fundamentally don't understand how the hero lanes. Or how about the Spectre offlane who starts the game with brown boots and rushes Diffu - guy had six thousand games on his account. Then, there was the offlane Bristle who ended the game with mana boots. When I asked him where he got the idea he told me Topson once built them on BB in early 2021 - he also had no idea that BB is now pretty much only played in the safelane.

                    No, the issue is absolutely not them not understanding roles or the importance of proper itemization. The issue is that they think they are so "good" with a hero that they can play however they want and win. They are so lazy that they can't be bothered to spend five minutes looking at how a hero is played in the current meta.


                      ^lots of "they" for someone still herald after 3K games

                      tv/adgoku24 ™ |

                        like it's even possible to support a carry that refuses to buy items

                        Don't play support then. Just play carry and carry the team.
                        You don't queue support and then be like "He doesn't play like this/that so I won't support".
                        You can still support, win the lane and transition to semi-carry with few support heroes.

                        The problem is you are under impression that somehow you are better than fellow heralds. If that was the case, you wouldn't be at herald. It's literally as simple as that.

                        Pro-tip: If you have 4 retards in your team, then enemy has 4 retards as well if not more. You lose "winnable" game, when you decide to be the 5th retard.


                          Explain to me how it's even possible to support and win a lane with a carry who pushes the first wave by auto attacking creeps and then refuses to last hit after that because he can't approach the creep wave without dying due to not having any items *and* regen. Also, several high mmr streamers/tubers agee that it's much harder to solo rank up playing only support. I think it was Jenkins that lost playing support in a sub 3k game maybe a year ago.

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                            no role in guardians

                            Top Feeder in Herald

                              Upgrayedd - Its the same vice versa, opponents would also have such carries every now and then. Take the LH if your carry refuses to LH. Provide vision, pull lane creeps to camps and maintain equilibrium, rotate when there's opportunity. I use mic as well eventhough none of my team in herald has mic on or they keep playing weird sounds 24/7 with mic on. I share my views over the mic when they are too deep, when I want to push lanes, when I would like to smoke, RS, etc.

                              El Nonno

                                I'm a low rank player, although I was once ancestral.

                                I stopped playing for almost a year and a new recalibration lowered me from archon to Crusader. I came back with the new TI I did not play the previous patch and I found several new things.

                                Mainly in my new dota journey play more of HC ( never had a defined role, I like the 5 roles, in some patches I have done better in one role and in others worse) but generally I play core.

                                I prefer to play the hardest role to carry, and think HC is the most difficult to raise currently. Generally supports don't know how to play the lane, they constantly leave you 1 vs 2, they pool constantly without playing 1 vs 1 exchange or harrased&denegate, it's basically because they don't want to use resources to do so. And the other problem is that your team is not willing to give you enough space especially if they are doing bad

                                So basically my system as HC is simple, I decided that if the support wants to risk, risk with him. If he passively plays the line, I'm just looking to play safe. And find my space ignoring what I have to ignore until I get my item that contributes to the team.

                                first 3 months: 51% winrate.
                                last month: 56%
                                last week: 61%.

                                In 2 games I get out of this medal. Itemization and choice of fights.

                                PD: Allways ban Legion , He is the hero who gets the most out of control

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