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General DiscussionGuys I need some help, I think my account is bugged

Guys I need some help, I think my account is bugged in General Discussion
Narita Boy

    My behavior score as u may know it as Conduct Summery was about 9.5k until yesterday it reached 10k.
    from that day forward, in every single game I see 4 or 5 people PREMUTED both in my & enemy team. Also, I see very strange grief behavior from players that is not usual in high beh score pool.

    Like in this game:
    MK of my team started feeding for no reason

    The next match:
    Enigma from enemy team started feeding mid lane for no reason

    Next match:
    Pos 5 picked MK jungle ! (this was new :D)

    So I stopped playing ranked and went turbo to check WTF is this and the next two turbo games, I see 6 7 people are Premuted in both mine & enemy team! When I asked someone whats your behavior score? he said it is below 3k!!

    So, the whole point of this topic is my account is somehow bugged and won't recognize the 10K Beh Score
    My theory is that it is some kind of programing bug, like when u reach 10k or above, it will start counting negative (Smth like that)

    PS: I tried verifying the integrity of files, did not fix.


      Definetly some kind of matchmaking bug. Last two games i had 4-5 premuted players (im 10k behavoir).
      Both games my offlaner completly fed one 1-14-2 Magnus other 0-11-0 Dk.
      Every premuted player picked some random bullshit and both times mid horribly lost, so other mid could just snowball.

      Pretty sure they have some kind of issue.

      Narita Boy

        So basically I am not alone here

        Goth Trash Panda

          matchmaking will enforce 50% winrate on you. I just lost 13 matches in a row with everyone in my team trolling due to that. That is how it works.


            talking about feeding. I think that feeding happens, because someone try to block. He try to block his enemies attack. That happens, when he feeding on the lane.
            Why this is happens? it happens :
            1. all of his friends farming
            2. all of his friends think that their enemies, even more stronger than his team.