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    I said good day sir!
    Yesterday, I suddenly discovered that my account has been banned for 1 year for boosting (lol)
    After my first contact with steam support they said that the reason is "deliberate actions to artificially boost MMR of an account". To be fair i was shocked.
    I know that there are a lot of similar themes where "innocents" telling their stories but in fact most often it turns out to be boosted account.
    My dotabuff account was hidden and now i am opening that for community judge. First of all i closed that just because of a bans of my favorite heroes (i heard that there are some kind of software that shows best heroes of your opponent and it looks like to be true). I do love Seer (offlane), QoP (4th), Kotl/Brood/Rhasta/Lina (mid) and trying to shuffle heroes on the carry-position. Also lately i had some nice winning streak (over the average) and probably this could be a reason for automatic ban? I have 2 devices to play Dota (also i am logged in on my work PC), also i am using VPN often.

    if you check my games carefully you will find that all my last matches were:

    1) Different roles
    2) With different people (solo and party)
    3) Also different game modes (normal games including)
    4) Ingame system marked games as red and green triangles (nothing special)
    5) Common kda is average too (yes i had couple of one wicket games, but come on, sometimes we all have that)

    Do you guys have any suggestions or advice for me in that situation? I've sent second ticket to steam support but it looks like they gonna answer me again with some kind of common phrases - i've seen some similar cases on reddit and here on DB.


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      Pretty wild to get banned like that, crazy


        yeah, that's really sad for me
        their algorithm is a f***ing worst, dunno what to do now

        party players)

          Just make a new acc dude. Don't waste your time contacting them.


            it's a pretty old account... spent a lot of money for that
            p.s. all pick non-ranked is doomed...

            party players)

              Ok then wait for valve to help you xd

              Give me Carrot

                You're russian. You kinda deserve it.