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General Discussionwhy i am not top100 am?

why i am not top100 am? in General Discussion

    can someone pls explain me why ancients and rapiers with worse statisctic there and im not? 1k+ matches 59% winrate +ok kda +rank immortal


      And I've already been there at place 44+-

      flourishing new leaf

        Hmm, been a while since i was in the ranking but how the F am i not top 100 mirana? Lieeees


          because ranking is based on MMR # score instead of winrate. High ranking players have been playing a long time, which means if they've maintained a 51% or 52% winrate, over time they will be top MMR given time.


            another year of playing with that winrate and you will be top 100 no doubt, but i'm sure the higher you go the more the winrate will gravitate to 53% or 54%


              Ok,what about ancients in rankings


                SUB 60% winrate, don't rant!

                flourishing new leaf

                  Dude, there's literally a fking LEGEND player that has 3 solo queue MIRANA games in 2 years that is ranked TOP 100.


                  I only went through top 3 Mirana in the rankings and this guy that was almost last, but none of them have higher Solo Queue, Ranked Games, MIRANA win % than me. Top 3 are interestingly support players.

                  Dude, TIMADO is top 10 MIRANA and has 8 games in the last 2 years with the hero with a winrate of 25%!

                  So safe to say the ranking is broken and quite meaningless at the time. Well Played Dotabuff.

                  party players)

                    they don't allow russians in top 100 anymore after ukraine conflict