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    I got ancient acc then i recalibrate it. Did i can get immortal if i play good ? Anyone can help me?


      nope still anc or legend


        does, the skin, really give effect?
        only make you look cool.

        your mom enjoyer

          Even If Miracle plays your 10 TBD games, you will get anc 5 maximum :)

          wandering shadow fragment

            Recalibration just multiplies the normal MMR gain and loss by 3. So if you are solo queueing you will get Plus or Minus 90 MMR per match. Which means the max MMR gain would be 900. I know Ancient starts somewhere around 4k. So you would not be able to get immortal. Immortal is around 5600 MMR. Divine starts at 4630 MMR. Theres a possibility you could get Divine if you go 10-0.