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General DiscussionIs Troll Warlord gay?

Is Troll Warlord gay? in General Discussion
South East Asian Garbage

    He acts like it. He sounds like those dudes who likes to have fun with other dudes but is super toxic.

    back in fucking herald^

      For sure he's not,the only gay in DotA is Antimage


        hey, who are you talking with? dont call me super toxic, i am not toxic, just try to make evertything right.


          You are.


            Depends on what you mean "gay", like huskar or viper because they annoy player or you mean his lore gender. If you mean his lore gender, no, he is not gay, in lore only 2 heroes are gay it's storm spirit and legion commander it's official fact. If you mean his gameplay I think for recruit yes, but it's really easy to counter him for example: Eul's, Hex, halberd. From heros: Drow ranger, Slark, OD, Axe and so on. The best advice that I can give that don't go in late game against Troll because he need only 4 slots to be the most danger character map and 2 slot he can spend on to counter his opponents.

            South East Asian Garbage

              I guess he's asexual then. If only he was an angry gay bottom kind of homosexual

              ♉Capt. Scaramouche☣

                Lesbian Commander and Storm Spirit actual gays

                South East Asian Garbage

                  Gay men's bottom ass actually smells like fruit. 😳😳😳


                    hahaha, i am not toxic




                        Troll warlord is an outcast partially because he is gay and other trolls weren't