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    can i ask why i have been see manta build on axe?

    Dirty FeeDeR

      cause it works with shard and spin do full damage on illusion.


        Yeah, but when I try get it before get dagger.... I feel weaker than the usual axe things. Anyway don't forget to get it after dagger and BKB.

        flourishing new leaf

          How can you even make it work? People will just disregard the illusions

          AD.GokU™ |

            illusions deal full damage for spin, combined with the shard that's absurd damage.

            Dirty FeeDeR

              Yeah still dagger is essential.


                Meme shitty build lmao


                  it’s a dank meme


                    yes. If you're bad farmer at least im as axe its better to get dagger first for initiation since people like you @kai tilts when see new built and if does not work you report people. If uve good game u can always get manta first.

                    AD.GokU™ |

                      Lol, scared of getting reported by a bunch of kids XD

                      If you want to play a certain way, just do it, as long as you win the game no one cares.
                      In case you lose, just keep quiet and watch your team find someone else to blame xD


                        im not scared of being reported. iM scared of const getting into lp just because something i try is new and especially when i try to up my beh score. From 8.1k went to 7.9k from 2 games lost as axe. lol

                        AD.GokU™ |

                          As I said, just don't talk during games and your bhs will never go down, no matter how bad you play(with the exception of intentional feeding or 0-22 scores).

                          No matter how bad someone plays, just focus on winning and only talk for game calls.
                          1) Lowers chances of report.
                          2) Improves chances of winning.

                          You talk too much xD

                          Edit: Forgot to mention, but with the overwatch system, it's pretty hard to go in lp.

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                          Can u keep up with me?

                            Lucky for you that i'm here. I am an axe spammer and i want you to know that manta on axe is good IF you got a good early game. For example, IF i got a 5 0 as axe, i will buy vangu manta dagger bcz i know i can farm my lane and won't require more time to build all of them. And when i got manta shard vangu dagger faster while they still have less than 1k or 1k HP i still can burst them good.


                              QC did it on one of their last games.
                              You need dagger first, then dagger > call > manta.

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                              Dirty FeeDeR

                                It's funny cause most players don't know illusions spin too.

                                K A I

                                  i see thanks for the clarify it

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