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How to Play or Counter Dawnbreaker in General Discussion
Sendairu NANI!

    In the latest patch of DOTA 2 a new hero has come to life, Dawnbreaker!

    most of us already know when DOTA2 releases a new update with a new hero that hero is considered completely broken! so if you want to boost your MMR, I suggest you learn how to play this hero and even how to counter it. Here is a comperhensive guide for Dawnbreaker:


    Valora, the Dawnbreaker, is a melee strength hero that shines in the heart of battle, happily crushing enemies with her celestial hammer and using the energy released to heal nearby allies. At one with the mass of her weapon, she revels in hurling her hammer through multiple foes and then converging with it in a blazing wake. Created to rival ancient forces of chaos and darkness by descendants of the first light, Dawnbreaker only taps her true cosmic power to fly to the aid of her teammates — eager to rout her enemies on the battlefield no matter where they may be.

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        How to play: max W and hard split side lanes. 1 W and some clicks can clear waves. You get vision and farm in a dangerous spot. Join fights with ultimate. Build survivability and utility (BKB, SnY, Halberd, Echosabre, Medalion2, ...). Don't build damage.
        How to counter: evade her Q moving towards her and her W moving sideways. Pick fast stuns/disables (Lion, Shadow Shaman, Ogre, Venge, ...): all her abilities are canceled with disables.