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General DiscussionDoes Iran have pro players?

Does Iran have pro players? in General Discussion

    Cant wait to see Kowareta the micro DOG to represent his country in ti69. Want to see the dog level gameplay of chen/ beast

    cold rune

      Iran just have people buttblasted about Israel that's all


        Pure comedy gold right here bois.


          Hmm, people who consider themselves Civilized, talking hatefully about a whole nation!85 million people. If I were you, I would reevaluate my priorities in life.

          zoi | hoodi

            Kuroky was born in Iran and is half-Persian

            чупапи мунянё

              Absolute trash Forum.




                  Kowareta free mmr in pubs, literally doggo griefing on my team, had to avoid him in order to gain mmr (+60)


                    make sure i always be in your avoid list plz