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General DiscussionI always play good but I got a normal skill.

I always play good but I got a normal skill. in General Discussion
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    How tf is this?


      Buy an account lol


        Literally played first two games on my smurf account and got Very High Skill. Playing pos5 btw...

        unfair world

          hahaha i cant even reach high skill after 4 year break. maybe this game not for me.


            50% winrate in normal skill... this is why you aren't high skill lmao

            The time has come!

              I'm to good for this game.. thats why I'm legend 4


                You're probably not as good as you think you are. You play good in Normal Skill, play in High Skill and Very High Skill, and I bet you won't be able to keep up with how fast they play.

                cold rune

                  zoi | hoodi

                    People get grandfathered in to ranks (sub 50% win rate and high rank which can't happen in current model) and there is no consideration for the ranks of everyone in the game when it comes to gaining/losing MMR. You gain/lose 20 pts in party, 30 pts in solo, so ultimately the better your win rate the better you rank gets, but due to the changes in the system there are plenty of people in higher ranks that are total dogshit and just sort of linger there.


                      It's fine as long as it is challenging for you at your level


                        Played well lmao the only thing you're doing well is making new accounts like the shitstain you are 😭😭😂😂


                          Holy fk if i were gaben i wouldve given u 20k mmr cause u were too good pog

                          Master of the Apes

                            it means youre normal. you probably dont know how to play to your advantage and just let enemy farm up and probably take really bad fights

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                              lol normal is better i get to carry, here in high skill bracket never get a carry. i play support then auto lose rofl rofl

                              The time has come!

                                Normal is better then you think!

                                im MVP again  hahaha

                                  Normal is fun you can free farm 😁 enemy don't know what to do but so as your teammates 😂😂😂 and don't forget yourself hahahaha

                                  wounded vanity

                                    if you cant get out of a certain lvl of skill, that means you belong there lol


                                      normal skill iz fun


                                        Git gud or pay me


                                          Just copy what pro's doin like if you kinda want to play a certain hero, spam it and do what pro player do to that hero (item builds, their movements early-mid-late game, their strategies, how aggro they are in early stage and mid game, how they position in clash, every details of a game, etc). Just try it bro, til you master on what pro's do. In the long run you'll be able to play like them and most importantly understand the game. Just practice everyday your mechanics and stay focus all through out the game, and always be positive. Trust me you'll become Very High Skill Player like us ^^.

                                          чупапи мунянё

                                            Buy an account lol