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    Okay i got something to talk about early dc
    in last match i played as pos 4 WR and got pos 3 Pango, at first 10 second this pango doesnt moving at all, and in the end DC before 3 min or so
    but for some reason the MMR still updated, my question is what do you need to do in this kind of situation so you can get Safe to leave option (MMR not updated)

    AD.GokU™ |

      nothing, you accept the -25 and move on.

      If you have skills, losing few games like this is inconsequential.

      master of the apes

        the only time you don't lose mmr is when the abandon happens before the game even starts (prior to first blood)


          Feels bad but it will happen to the enemy team eventually in enought games.


            if there is fb before the dc then it counts usually

            u can win 4v5 with the bonus gold quite easily with the right heroes, but oftentimes everyone gives up and it is a sad game