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How can I get out of these in General Discussion

    How can I get out of these, your team farming whole game not taking the objectives please help me thanks

    AD.GokU™ |

      Join them. If your team doesn't follow you, swallow your pride and follow your team. Chances are enemy team is equally shit and you are losing cause you fight among yourself. In worst cases, be mentally prepared to lose.


        If you're losing games it's because you're worse than your team (assuming you're not 10k mmr.) Harsh truth, I know. But there's 4 of your teammates and 5 enemies. The only factor consistent through all your games is you. So... How to get out? Get better at the game. I can't emphasize how ridiculously easy it is to win at your mmr. I could do it with a 95% winrate if I picked Meepo, and something like 85-90% if I picked any other stomping core.

        git gud

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          You can just farm behind your farming teammate. If they farm you farm too. If they start a fight you join too. If they go back you go too. It's simple. :lick: but if they lose MMR you lose too :laugh:

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            vI can't emphasize how ridiculously easy it is to win at your mmr. I could do it with a 95% winrate if I picked Meepo, and something like 85-90% if I picked any other stomping core.

            wow amazing you can win in normal skill with cheesy snowbally mid
            the big question is: could you do with with kotl5, dazzle 5 or dark willow 4 tho?
            peace brother


              If I intentionally pick the most team dependent pos 5s then my winrate would definitely be lower. Hard to say what it would be, certainly over 65% though.

              AD.GokU™ |

                It's pretty easy to win games as p5 heroes too, but then the deciding factor is how much can you keep your pma.
                At ancient bracket, just keeping vision on map and glimmer / force for carry improves your winrate.

                But most supports be like, "My core flamed me once, I'm not saving him or playing around him, even if it means I lose the game" OR "My core missed 4 last hits, he sucks, now I'm gonna play core dazzle and farm"

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                  The 6k told me three years ago to play the same, non team dependent heroes to ‘get out of the shit team bracket’

                  Like void, weaver , shaman, and enigma. And yes, to consistently gain rating you have to consistently play as good or better than the other 9 ppl in the lobby .

                  Take it from an expert in that dynamic

                  If you’re not ok with the above and can’t mentally expect to lose and be prepared to outperform the others, then don’t play bc you’re def wasting your time .

                  It’s taken me 10000 hours of gameplay to understand what dota actually is so you should focus on your own gameplay and politely try and quarterback bc that’s all you actually have control over

                  Furthermore behavior score is probably a trace contributor to the general trend in your game history. The above makes up most of the game either create enough impact on your own or hope to get lucky that your teammates do the above instead

                  So In conclusion if the particular lobby you’re in is team five man death truck versus team afk farm, guess what? You have to figure out how to win or you’ll keep going in circles and stay in your trench

                  The question, of course, then becomes, is the time and energy worth it? Is there anything to gain, any light at the end of the tunnel? Coz for example if I really feel like winning when the supports aren’t warding or doing anything to help me, I end up having to play all positions and roles to acquire the necessary farm to only then be able to kill everyone or most of them on my own . and it takes a lot of mental energy out for an illusory return

                  Like I said it’s just the games rules mechanics and matchmaking patterns. In cs go, I was able to kill entire teams and create enough impact to consistently go 20-5 every ranked match, as a function of a high head shot percentage . In dota it’s a function of being able to acquire enough farm from the Match and also being able to itemize immaculately as well as having extreme mechanical prowess in the hero being played .

                  Only you can be the judge 👨‍⚖️

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