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General DiscussionCan u explain what the f is going on here

Can u explain what the f is going on here in General Discussion
Six Paths of Pain
    37% winrate still ancient 4


      he calibrated higher than he should've

      Six Paths of Pain

        Is that a bug?


          New owner / acc buying


            I mean I calibrated at divine 3 with this acc, even tho my main is just ancient 5. Then I lost a lot of games and almost also got <50% winrate. Thats how it works. Calibrate too high (or buy account) and then just lose a bunch.


              Boosted during Recalibration ?

              Six Paths of Pain

                or i think it depends on the past rank on the ip address of your pc?
                example if ur rank is divine and then u make a new acc for recalibration it will automatically calib to your past rank

                Nico Nico Knee

                  it is prob he expose his data when he already calibrated. If u scroll down to his first match (Dotabuff profile), he already did on High Skill which is kinda impossible for a first match


                    The winrate Says almost nothing it is More Importand what Skill lvl Ur playing on


                      no one cares