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    Only play like 5-6 matches a month, max 2 game in a row, with at least a week in between.

    I‘m convinced valve matches you with nice players or players on a winstreak, just to get you hooked again.
    You also get an item after a completed match when you havent played in a long time, which proves that they have some kind of detection for players that return after longer absence.

    Usually the first 2 games are with friendly and decent players, 3rd/4th game returns to the ususal „flame-deny items“ clownshow

    I‘m absolute dogpopoo at the game, but in the first 2 games I always get carried hard and win despite having 0 impact


      nah its all about your mentality
      a week ago i just played my game and win a lot despite i had dipshits buybacking on cores every game, just focusing and dont caring about miserable beings in my games
      now i let those animals affect me, cause im tired of this shit, and im struggling again. it was all like this since 2k mmr


        a couple weeks ago i had 15 games winning streak. Then of course ur typical 50-50% ratio. Lately i played a couple of games and i finished on 3-4 winning streak. I took a couple of days a break and then yesturday i got 6 lose streak and i won my last games with rampage ^_^. Its random, imo. And as kowa said its all about your mentality. Whether ure broken or not.

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          I play turbo, mute anyone that is toxic, and play my favorite music in the background. It's great.


            maybe kowareta is right, I‘m probably just excited to play dota and don‘t care about others

            AD.GokU™ |


              I play brood p5 and my team ends up reporting and flaming ember cause he didn't tp to a winnable fight.
              Casual dota FTW xD

              Liquid Swords

                Just mute all and the toxicity magically disappears.


                  i disclaim whatever i said
                  a month ago even when i lose my lane my teamamtes start hitting towers with me when i pick chen
                  now i cant even fucking win a game gaben says i have 80% chance of win =))) they refuse to hit any towers and buying midas with a freelane i gave to them
                  this is pure garbage
                  every time i earned mmr it was coming after a break from this game
                  there is certainly a reason to it and its not about my mentality or trying to win. those are stories for children


                    im on a winning streak again.... it all depends on your mentality and your team mates. All, tho i had 2 games where i had no idea what my mate was doing... Also it depends on your skills a lot. Like im around 4.5k-5k player and im +- on this type of mmr. So some times i can win a lot and some times i lose a lot. Thats it. And when i get close to 5k mmr i never go beyond. I go like 5.1k and then i drop hard and we start again.

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                    DAWN OF THE HIPBREAKER

                      just pick luna/dp and smash head on keyboard to rise your skill

                      muting people is definitely good though


                        actually today i realized im losing games since i stop doing yoga
                        maybe u should have the mental state of a god to win in this video game

                        copenhagen to pandemonium

                          yoga is gay


                            There's no dispute, dota 2 is the most rigged online multiplayer game that exists. Players have better chances of 'winning' gambling in a casino than in DOTA 2, if you're playing by yourself.

                            'Solo queue' is the most rigged diarrhea I've ever seen. Its programming is blatantly rigged, and if you spend 6 hours a day playing for 10 years, eventually you're able to see the patterns.

                            As a result of being trapped in 1000 mmr for 5 years day and night, and trying my hardest to not play with people who don't know the basic fundamentals, I use all 9 slots, i hit all my spells, i farm the creeps, i do all these things i didn't do when i had 2000 rating 8 years ago, yet it makes no difference.

                            Nothing you do makes a difference when you have no hard carry pick for late game in your draft, and the people you're playing with definitely are not aware about hero power spikes, or having no chance against a real hard carry late game (pa) and not having one of our own. Nothing you do makes a difference when your teammates hide in different corners of the map, don't defend towers, don't rotate to allies who are in trouble, and who don't play the fucking game period. All they do is farm jungle for 40-60 minutes before they do anything other than that. It's absurd

                            I've tried killing myself with illicit drugs, I'm still alive. I tried ruining my life with online gambling, I quit that. So after 11 thousand hours invested in dota 2, all I've gained is damage to my brain, and a lifelong regret for having wasted my 20s on something that's just a void of a memory. I have no good memories from the last decade because of dota 2, I've lost all my relationships, and I'm behind all my peers who are married with kids and have full time careers while I'm still playing dota 2 at the lowest level with people who don't even fucking speak English.

                            I spent the entire year of 2020 raising the behavior score to maximum, in belief that I wouldn't be forced to play with the same individuals I have 100% loss rate with. What kind of system forces players to play with others who they lose with, in a fucking game that's completely contingent on team work? In belief the experience would change, and it hasn't. I'll be fucking forty years old with no job or girlfriend, probably homeless at that point.

                            All I've gained from playing dota 2 is a miserable life, being led to maladaptive behaviors, and definitely some actual damage to brain. Irreversible? Maybe not, but now I"m looking for a therapist because I'm going to need help dealing with withdrawal from removing this behavior from my life. I dedicated my entire fucking life to something that I had no chance at to begin with, imagine how that feels.

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                            DAWN OF THE HIPBREAKER

                              There's no dispute, dota 2 is the most rigged online multiplayer game that exists. Players have better chances of 'winning' gambling in a casino than in DOTA 2, if you're playing by yourself.

                              AD.GokU™ |

                                Salt Overflow. LUL

                                Zero Impact Player

                                  ^holy shit lmao


                                    Damn lmao press uninstall and never look back buddy

                                    Dawnbreaker quads are bod...

                                      @serotonindrip kinda same, but i don't think you dedicated your entire life to dota, imo you dedicated your entire life to running away from life itself 'cuz of some deep fear and at some point started using dota to do so. videogames can be a huge escaping mechanism just like drugs or any other bullshit in this world. delete this dogshit game and work on solving your personal issues, it's never too late no matter how much time you wasted. i'm close to doing the same, gl