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General DiscussionRussian ruiners literally every game

Russian ruiners literally every game in General Discussion

    Fuck russians like actually... why cant they just be region locked and EU games would go 100% up in quality.

    I don't think I have ever had a good Russian player in my team.

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      Cries about Russians and most of his games are played on Russian server. rofl


        Scofield who cares? They are everywhere. No matter what server I play there is always at least one Russian fuck who cant speak English and either destroys items or just afk jungles until the game is over


          R WORD = RUSKI


            I agree,they are everywhere. Look at this animal . He went brood jungle,fed,went amulet ,but what can you do...its classic russian behavior. Get over it,you cant do much about that.
            You know whats even worst? Getting matched with 4 russians,who are not in party. Its hell literally.


              we hate these players as much as you do, and they come to you because they won't understand what you're saying anyway😏