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Is Broodmother pos4 new meta? in General Discussion
elder doge

    Imagine a spider raging in enemy jungle, leaving space for your 3 and claiming the glorious jungle gold.

    At a certain time (around level 5) he attacks with a horde of spiders. Annihilating the enemy support.

    Early items: Meteor Hammer. t2 withing 20 minutes. Space created

    Get REKT ))))

    AD.GokU™ |

      Level 1 brood jungling...LUL

      elder doge

        Certainly not A tier jungle. But a big threat after level 4 to the enemy ))



          if i get a broodmother pos 4 in my games i know who to blame

          Shogun's Decapitator

            In theory good... in practice not so much. Brood is an absolute farm hog. Early on when your position 1 and 2 are in lane there is, in theory, plenty of farm for Brood to jungle but as the game goes on you will be directly taking farm from your cores. You could try to farm the enemy jungle but ultimately won't be strong enough as a position 4 to pull this off like a position 2 Brood could.

            If the enemy team sucks it could thrive but with a semi smart team you will be screwed. Not to mention supports pick first round leaving plenty of time to counter Brood in the second and third draft phase.


              in theory bad, in practice also bad, u need levels on brood, and u get xp by using spiders to cs, which if u do then ur not playing the job of a support. u cant play this hero as a supp. brood can't even jungle until she gets some levels, theres just no real reason why you would want to do this, brood isnt like clock or slardar, who back in the day were buffed and became strong enough that they could become 4's, because they could do the same job they used to do but with less farm/levels. brood can't.


                considering 99% of the animals playing this game are insanely low iq , nobody enjoy the free mmr u provide with letting them take over 2 lanes + your jungle while a pos 4 farming their jungle. so yeah, enjoy beating them. there are lots of fun in trashing low shits

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