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General DiscussionThoughts on gleipnir arc warden?

Thoughts on gleipnir arc warden? in General Discussion

    Is it worth it to spend another 3.450 gold for the ability to root enemies or is it better to spend it on other item like orchid/hex/blink etc.
    Also when to get gleipnir and when to get mjollnir? I tried it for the first time on my last game and i still have a mixed thoughts about the item

    sry for bad english

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    Shogun's Decapitator

      Mjolnir > Gleipnir


        Mjolnir is better cos it helps push waves, better dps and and the active is good for spitpushing on creeps and dumping it on the clone or a tankier teammate.

        Don't really play arc though so take what i say with a grain of salt


          Mjolnir is the item you usally want to buy, but sometimes its better because its less greedy, because the buildup is better and its a lot better than mj in some situations.
          The problem is if u are going mjolnir u probalby wont have lockdown until hex, so if they have heroes like puck or qop your need almost 12k gold worth of items before you can easily kill them without having to buy orchid. Also works on invis targets which is really nice because you otherwise have no good way of catching them.
          But if none of that applies just get mjolnir.
          Currently have a 66% winrate on this acc with arc and i buy it sometimes so maybe u can look at those games to see if u think it was worth it.

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