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General Discussioni made a new account and got the rank i deserved

i made a new account and got the rank i deserved in General Discussion
Ember spirit only

    hi guys i am archon main but i made new account now im immortal


      Is Archon full of immortal ?

      Ember spirit only

        Yes archon is full of immortals

        Kabir singh's bo0ster

          Archon is the new immortal


            actually ANA the god testing stuff on archon
            ti winners trying to beat archons anonymously

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            fake archon player

              archon > immortal


                What did you do sir i want to get high rank in my new accpunt so ican learn

                i fall apart

                  W8 WHAT RLY!!! time to creat new account i guess

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                  Take my whores to the hot...

                    Looks like you got boosted and u gonna fall right back down to where you belong.



                      Can you give me tips sir that is my new acccount how to get to VHS and i follow poggies tips that have a higher apm and my apm is like 700 or below pls.. help

                      BAKA RENEJAY TO

                        link your archon account or you lyin.


                          He's some rank 500 guy who like making multiple smurfs to bring to immortal so that he can keep beating up lower-level people on the way


                            Hi @Ember spirit only do you mind we playa against each other I want to battle immortals and test our skill difference
                            if you dont mind, Thank you and God bless

                            Current Main account rank :Archon