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卍pudge king卍

    Rule of thumb only use unreliable gold for lace/clarities/mangos/drops/stick/sentries/salves/tps/smoke. Never use reliable gold for these stuff and you become so rich gaben thinks you're a core. you can time getting some farm+ bounties to get a guaranteed fast dagger/arcanes/aether/glimmer/
    shadow amulet afk every game.

    Doing this basically makes your deaths not count because you still earn gold when dead and you don't lose gold because you spent the unreliable gold.

    Spending reliable gold stupidly is a sure way to lose. Especially rage buying back with it.

    As you can see even though I have shit tier winrate I assure you gaben shafted me in the ass and this advice will get you to immortal and above.

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        go calibrate ur account


          thanks! (2)


            u should explain what is unreliable gold in first place oni chan
            not everybody is smart like u, some are autistic like me.

            Exploitation of Mistakes

              I just hope that one day I reach a high enough mmr that I'm too scared to play and lose my rank so I just retire to the dotabuff forums and troll people.


                I mean, can u at least say that when im trolling? now i feel bad for you. you seems to have some mental illness.

                Exploitation of Mistakes

                  Absolutely love how you only deny the trolling aspect of my claim.


                    are u fine? :)))
                    should i pay rent now? i dont wanna live in your head pal, its empty and lonely

                    free mental damage

                      I was wondering what unreliable/reliable gold is too, forgot.


                        i dont know, i feel like when i die, my timer is longer than others, and my buybacks are too expensive :/
                        i always try to buy items before i die tho, other than that, i buy stuff carelessly. maybe thats why im dead for long.
                        maybe thats because i dont know about these stuff :-?

                        Digitaljedi |

                          That is really good advice. I've never really understood how reliable/unreliable gold could make a difference but when trying to get to a blink or something like that ONLY buying consumables when you have unreliable to spare is a great way to get there.

                          For those asking.... reliable gold since a few patches ago comes from passive income... so the gold you gain passively every second. Unreliable is all the earned gold, so bounties creeps kills etc. When you die you only lose unreliable gold. So if you only buy sentry, clarities, stick, etc when you have extra unreliable gold it will make it so no ammount of deaths can delay your blink timing.


                            damn, thats why im always poor as support, very cool
                            thank you sir

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                            ME MID

                              I dont understand this


                                because u are core player, when u are core, u always wanna buy items right before u die, because if u dont, u gonna lose gold. but for supports thats not ture, if u do that play on supports, u are delaying your big items.

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                                  @digitaljedi so how can we know how much of our money is unreliable or reliable? I mean we have about 700 gold and we hit units and collect bounties,.. then we get to 1500 and this is both reliable/unreliable combined!

                                  do you consider timing for reliable gold? how much reliable gold will we have after 15 mins then (maybe there is a formula like every min 60 passive gold or..)


                                    u can see how much is reliable and how much is unreliable when u go on the gold with your cursor