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    Matching a game, suddenly the screen freeze. Need to end task this game to play it back.
    Same thing happened after finish a game, at result lobby.
    Anyone had the same issue??


      I did
      During hero select about same time you posted this got 3 hour ban and low pri now cause screen froze not net issue


        Had this problem for ages with a pc that wasn't made for gaming even though dota was playable at low settings. But it has 8 gb ram. That might be the issue perhaps?


          I have this problem too, when I go for pick and ban I can't see anthing only a black screen for about 20 sec. then it's suddenly ok. I think theres a problem with downloaded dota2 files or my system performance maybe... I wish they could make dota2 menu faster to load

          How to win?!?!!?!?

            scan for viruses, bitcoin miners and so on with malware anti virus reinstall steam/dota with its registry (if ure not sure what you're doing its okay to skip this step, but remember to backup registry before deleting) and that fixed my black screen during pick phase.


              viruses in 2020 KEKW
              you are not win 10 user? :/

              How to win?!?!!?!?

                how many times are u planning to say this, omegaLYL

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                  Scanning for viruses in 2020 lmao


                    i dont know, i dont have a good memory. probably everytime u brag it and i be here

                    Dark Hunter

                      Sounds like an issue with a slow disk.

                      First game you play will need to load all assets and stuff into memory when you accept the match, if your disk is slow (HDD) you might get freezes while it loads and even cause it to crash if it takes long enough. If you're on a low end PC, the first thing i suggest upgrading is the hard drive into a SSD.

                      This 2 Months are Freakin...

                        there are some commands you can add to options --> set launch, i use -map Dota myself which loads the map when the game opens instead of loading it when you accept the game. there are some more commands like -novid and one to set the launcher to 2012 or earlier years if you have problems with the new TI 10 launcher. You can search google for dota set launch commands and find the full list and customise your set launch options. If it doesn't fix it i think you can also remove the sets from loading.


                          @Dark Hunter wow, You got it bro! I always get this at FIRST game which I accept and enter freeze page.

                          I play on laptop. is there any easier work instead of changing HDD that I can do to make game load easier?

                          this shit all started with TI10 launcher -_-


                            anyone have a better idea rather than changing my HDD ?

                            This 2 Months are Freakin...

                              @AmReza yes this add to set launch options


                              A set of commands that will force the client to use the cosmetics of the various events that have run through the years. The possible codes are:

                              international_2012 – Displays The International 2012 loading screen and main menu background.
                              international_2013 – Displays The International 2013 loading screen and main menu background.
                              international_2014 – Displays The International 2014 loading screen only.
                              frostivus_2013 – Displays Frostivus 2013 main menu background.
                              newbloom_2014 – Displays New Bloom 2014 loading screen and main menu background.
                              spirits_2013 – Displays Three Spirits main menu background.

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                                @this 2 months are freakin: I tried thes commands and I should say that it cant be changed ! main menue is for 2020 and I couldnt change it to 2014 or ...
                                and the other command : ''-map dota'' didnt work. this does work for u?
                                now I only use -novid and -dx9

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