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General DiscussionWhy I never get past normal.

Why I never get past normal. in General Discussion

    Please rate me and what explain what I need to do to get past normal. I wanna experience a higher tier. thanks.


      You wanna experience higher tier,but you suck at normal skill. Interesting.


        You simply are not good enough at the moment. Watch pros play, watch youtube videos, stuff like that


          Ur pub games are also calculated based on a hidden mmr. So unless u continuously win games and get to a higher hidden mmr, at legend+ where the games are occasionally high tier. Otherwise archon and below would be normal tier ya.

          Im stuck between normal/high tier. So cant give u much helpful tips. Have fun, learn new things, good luck!

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            If you want to get to a higher tier very fast:
            - Try grouping up with people who are a few badges above you. In a higher tier game; play safe, try to go for position 4-5 and help others, watch and learn (don't listen to toxic people thou) and try to improve your game.

            If you want to get to a higher tier fast:
            - Play the heores/positions you have high win rate with. You have a few of those - so play them even more and avoid heroes where you have < 50% win rate.

            If you want to get to a higher tier slow:
            - Play as you do now. Watch videos, follow the meta, improve your teamplay. If toxic players in the game - never communicate with them - just mute them first thing.



              learn how to lasthit, practice it on your best 3 heroes for 3 hours each. you will probably gain 1-2k mmr!


                ^^ what a dumb advice


                  3 hours practice is like reading dota2 wiki page for each hero, not to mention in first try u will miss the important parts....


                    Ok nvm i read it wrong

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                      Win more games, then eventually u will reach high skill.
                      I managed to get into 2 games of high skill in my solo ranked games and i got crushed, you probably don't want to play with them with the current skill u have.

                      Another way is u can ask your friend with high skill to party with u for you experience that kind of gameplay.


                        Usual experience for an Archont player on Ancient+ game is feeding whole game. I doubt he will learn anything apart from maybe positioning.


                          Don't play pos 5 in normal rank. You cant depend on those people. At the very least u need to be a pos 4 that takes farm and can win the game for the team if the others are useless.