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General DiscussionHave you taken break from dota 2 ?

Have you taken break from dota 2 ? in General Discussion

    How long,why,how did you feel etc.

    I stopped playing in 2018 for 1-2 months,then didn't play for 8 months,then started again

    Now i thought i would quit forever but i want to play dota 2 again,i crave and love dota 2

    Will probably buy a cheap used pc and a monitor and play again,i miss playing

    Also 144 hz is so not practical for casual dota 2 players,even hardcore since 60 hz does the job,gonna sell my 144 hz monitor what was i thinking i can't afford a gaming pc too anyways

    Playing dota 2 on normal pc and cheap monitor gives me the feel good vibes


      I'm now on a break. Playing old low spec JRPGs and CS:GO. Feels a lot more liberating that focusing on one game.
      Might get back to dota if they add new in-shop items though.
      Also planning on building a cheap gaming pc to play more decent games.

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        7.07 came out and i was gone for 18 months


          I played CS:GO too,super fun relaxing game.

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            I stopped for 6 months due to irl issues, was worth the wait i think, cuz I met Feachairu who taught me how to play dota again


              i'll buy cheap *cough* 144hz monitor and pc. Ain't these things not cheap?
              I've taken a brake from dota for exams cuz of uni. I've taken a brake from dota when im in low priority because im too tired to play this (and I've been waiting for it to be removed by itself). I've taken a brake of dota, because of black screen pick phase bug which is annoying. And so on... I've taken a brake from dota from the yearly years, because I wasn't playing it much for a couple of years.


                i'll get a cheap 60 hz monitor not 144 hz lol
                I had the black screen pick phase bug on my old pc too,but didn't have it on my gaming one.


                  mine is i5-4670; 8gb ram ddr3, 1050 ti 4gb, 1080p, 60hz monitor. I don't know why I got bug. Its pretty annoying... Is it because my CPU and ram are old or what?? 2 years ago I didn't had it... now I do.. and valve is not doing anything. On my 9 years old laptop I played 1-2 games and I didn't had any problem. Only a bit lower fps but that's it.


                    maybe change renderer to a newer directx version


                      tried it and still didnt worked


                        maybe use borderless window instead of full screen, i had this issue and i only changed these two things


                          Fuck this shit dead game fuck valve and fuck all of u braindead losers


                            i played rb6 when it came out and became top 1k player there, but then i left it cuz the mm was the worst of any esport. then i played a year of rust and came back to dota 2-3 years after leaving it. now i play dota for 1 year and have doubbled my mmr allmost


                              @kowareta its in borderless. After reinstalling it was good the problem but again it appeared. I might change it to dx 11 since I didn't tried it after reinstalling.


                                I took a break more than 1 year (7.0) and then came back. Adjusting to the meta is annoying for me due to constant patches


                                  3 months is the limit . Better prepared to lose atleast 500 mmr or have a smurf ready tho .


                                    2017 I TOOK A BREAK and even this year i am taking a break bcz the amout of toxicity is insane


                                      I played today for like 20 mins and im so bad lmao
                                      The movement feels so weird,especially the mouse,it was so hard to move,im disappointed,will try tommorow again

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                                        @kowareta for now I don't have any problem. See? Being less toxic is better. Thanks.

                                        @1 dota is like StarCraft. If you take a brake like 1-2 years then we will suck or play worse than before. Also I want to play some StarCraft games , but ill be so bad that I need to play a couple of games in order to get in shape. Ex. diamond player.


                                          I started when techies came out, I'm still playing my first game. So no, no breaks.

                                          。🌠  🎀  𝐵𝓁𝑒𝓀𝓈𝒶𝓀  🎀  🌠。

                                            I haven't really played dota since reborn came out. Now I've been playing since 7.23 and I'm having a total blast. My reason for the pause was school, didn't like the reborn UI at that time, psych problems. I feel like I play better than before.


                                              I just took a weeks break from Dota and attended the Snow festival in Sapporo looking at amazing ice sculptures; watched the snow monkeys in their natural habitat in Nagano; slept in a tatami; bathed naked in an Onsen; ate the best sushi I’ve ever tasted in Toyosu Market; partook in an 8 course Wagyu A5 dinner and getting intrigued by the fan service game Fate: Grand Order Arcade in Akihabara.

                                              I’m now totally relaxed and ready to tank more of my MMR.


                                              i'm always mad

                                                i took a break from dota, started a new job where i make lots of money and do cool stuff, i am making some music and going to attend some concerts here in the near future.

                                                i find when i take a break and come back, i have a fresh mind and i do a lot better.