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General DiscussionWhat resources would you recommend to a beginner?

What resources would you recommend to a beginner? in General Discussion

    I have a couple of friends who are willing to try out dota, but I was unable to find good and up to date resources to teach them.

    Purge's guides are always good but they seem to be out dated. Is there anything new you guys could recommend as a learning source?

    Thanks for all the replies!

    During my searches I came across a couple of articles which were about the top meta picks. I am just gonna share them as well for other people who may check out this thread!

    Does not actually teach you the game but clears the air on what is going on in the current stage of dota

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      Hmm , Dota alchemy , BSJ and gameleap combined should give em enough info .


        learn to lasthit and then just play each hero atleast once either ingame or in demo's to learn what they are like to play/play against

        other than that also check heroes of the flavour for the meta and learn to play them


          i mean, everyone always says the purge guides to everything, so there's that




              my games are very beginner friendly
              but not recommended for russians


                Dota is one of the hardest games to get into , the older players are toxic and hate newbies .


                  Just Play the game you'll Lose some at the Start but its the best way to get into dota.


                    Just play for fun and wonder butterflies for 10 games


                      жалка тваих друзяшех станут дотирами предеца вынесте

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