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    Just finished playing two back-to-back games with a total of 7 smurfs/boosters across 4 different parties. It's fairly obvious these people don't care about their accounts being lost since they usually don't have much value to them, so can we incite Valve to ban accounts that party with smurfs as well? In my opinion, they're just as guilty when it comes to abusing the matchmaking system, so it's not completely unwarranted. One common reason people provide to justify smurfing is that they want to play with their friends, but I also know people that feel like they're forced to play with smurfs because they're friends with them and it's the only said friend will let them play together. I feel that although this solution won't fix everything, it'll still kill a few birds with one stone.

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      smurfing isnt illegal, darling


        @Aimstrong Taken directly from the Steam Online Conduct to which you agree to abide by, you will not:
        "Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying Steam services, software or other content."

        It's not illegal, but that's irrelevant.


          ^what he said


            "Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying Steam services, software or other content."

            Actually intelligent reasoning as to why smurfs should be instabanned for a change...


              Or ban smurf partying in ranked. Like how come. Divine V and legend IV in high ancient or low divine bracket. Now tell me how thisll be fun to both parties.

              Marko Bulat

                Im immortal how do i play with my friends who are archon/ancient/crusader dogs? Before Valve created stupid update we could queue together, now we cant and i have to smurf.

                Dota is aids soloqueue and most fun when you chill with rl friends. If you tell me to play unranked in gonna snipe queue you! Unranked has even more smurfs there is 4 daily "how to get VHS" threads on this forum alone.

                BTW i didn't invented this, there is many players like me who do this i face people who play on fresh 2-3k accounts in opposite team as well, since they removed party MMR when you party stack with friends there is 90% chance of facing smurfs, accept it or dont play ranked in a party. Or make account for friends just like i did so you dont tank MMR from your main. Simple as that.

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                Sygmerde officiel

                  Im immortal how do i play with my friends who are archon/ancient/crusader dogs? Before Valve created stupid update we could queue together, now we cant and i have to smurf.

                  All is said.


                    Have u played normal games recently? I did on my smurf and the games were fun. Even if u die a couple of times nobody says wp or starts to flame you. There were people who ping none stop there too, but they're less than in ranked.

                    China Booster

                      Deal with it, people smurf to play with friends, dota is 100000000x more fun when you are with friends, you win some, you lose some.

                      its not like you meet smurfs every game

                      China Booster

                        best you could do is go strict solo role queue

                        so you are less likely to meet smurfs


                          and why wouldn't u go strict solo que ? :D it exists for a reason

                          Jack Attack

                            Learn a cheese hero > people call you smurf > profit

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                              Another two games ruined due to smurfs; this happens nearly every time I try to play with my lower rank friends to the point I can't enjoy the game with them. The irony, right? Anybody that says they smurf to play with their friends is a joke only contributing to the problem. At this point, anybody that tells me to suck it up is worthless to this community and isn't even deserving of their main account. If you're smurfing, you're killing this game for everyone. If you just tolerate them, you're still killing this game for everyone.


                              basement :)

                                hE GOt mANy KIll hE Is SMurF


                                  @basement :)
                                  The first match was the Morphling and the second was Lion; the account is anonymous, but checking it in-game showed that it was his first match. Brand new account smurfing in unranked solo queue.

                                  basement :)

                                    Unranked matches have hidden mmr if you did not know. The Morphling has a 53% win rate, which means he is essentially at his proper mmr. The match was balanced regardless of smurf or not.

                                    Jack Attack

                                      I have a friend that is new to the game. My hidden mmr makes us get stomped when I play in this account. Had to create new acc just to play unrank.


                                        Unranked has hidden MMR without safeguards such as a discrepancy value.

                                        If you complain about smurfs in unranked, the issue lies with your perception, and possibly a skewed belief such as "smurfs prevent me from reaching my real rank" -- no they don't ; it's mathematically impossible.

                                        Smurfs are basically a bump in the road and there's far less of them than you and others convince yourselves of.

                                        The basis of all this is that you delude yourselves into believing that you're better than you are.
                                        The only thing that will make you improve, is to objectively look at yourself and try to fix your mistakes and bad habits.

                                        Oh... And by LEGAL standards the term ENJOY simply means unobstructed use... So no hacking/ddosing etc.

                                        Interpretation in that fashion, simply proves you're not smart/knowledgeable and can't do a basic Google search.
                                        Also means that you're an idiot who gives in to cognitive biais, even when it's not open to interpretation.

                                        You see the world through your lens... Guess what? Change your fucking glasses and try to get a prescription called reality.


                                          lmao if ur arguing that theyre ruining ur fun under TOS u deserve to lose, what a stupid ape argument


                                            The real issue is that all these idiots have 1 in 10 games where they go 15-0-10 on a core when the stars align... Then they believe they're better than their peers and anyone better than them is a smurf or a booster.


                                              I love playing vs smurfs boosters no matter the lose it’s the experience and sometimes the knowledge you get...
                                              we are for a reason low rank, have fun with it play as many hero’s you can see what’s work for you. If you are scared to play against heigh rank player why do you even play rank ?


                                                Im sorry but who is the smurfing? Maybe i'm just blind but i don't see anything..