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why does it feel, so good?

    Why sea players creating new account again and again? In every "predict my mmr threads", "what is maximum calibration threads", "how to calibrate threads" there almost only sea players. Is living in an icelands make you sick or what? Or is it weather?

    why does it feel, so good?

      Imo even russians doesnt make that much account.


        You tend to meet lot of cancer player in sea
        so that make you want to climb to higher bracket

        why does it feel, so good?

          Even me shitty archon player didnt make any new account (lie: he made several accounts but was unable to get in even high skill :))

          why does it feel, so good?

            If I make a new account and que in sea would i be able to calibrate higher?


              Maybe they dont buying item in their account?

              So playing in higher tier by repeatedly making new account could give them some pride and accomplishment?


                obviously they think makin new accs is the easiest and fastest way to gain a high rank by wasting 100hrs of clownfesta, when they reach it, keep losing, and lose rank, why dont create another one?

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                  Because sea players are the scum of the dota world which is why they have a low b.score which forces them to create a new one because we all know being in shadow pool is so toxic


                    Probably cos they think they are stuck in the 'trench'. They can't climb, not because they are bad, but because they are in a trench and always paired with noob teammates. So thinking they are actually better than they are, they make a new account which they think will reflect their true skill, placing them in a higher rank where they think they belong.



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