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General DiscussionDecent, fun to play heroes this patch as pos 1 and 3. Need some Sugge...

Decent, fun to play heroes this patch as pos 1 and 3. Need some Suggestions. in General Discussion

    Tired of playing the "Anti- Fun" hero. And pudge in the offlane, mainly. Need suggestions for some good strong heroes for me to learn.
    P.S. Liked playing void too, went treads mom maelstrom and scepter and played around the chrono. That build is dead now for me since 7.23 came out. New Aghs sucks really bad.

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      different people have different understanding what fun is

      some retard things fun is playing sniper mid and dragging games to 40 mins where he only farm safely and do nothing

      other retards things playing techies is fun where u dont even fight creeps like sniper and just put mines on the map

      for me fun is having flash farmer mobile heroes who kill shit so i play storms tinkers void spirits /etc in mid

      or if playing pos 1 then am/naga/pl/etc

      well offlane is trickier but u always have lc pudge abaddon and few others

      Captain Sum Ting Wong

        im trying to learn alchemist ...look at my profile


          As 3 I like playing Night Stalker, Abaddon and Legion.