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General DiscussionNo MMR gain in 2 wins

No MMR gain in 2 wins in General Discussion

    Anyone else getting this?

    Assuming it's a bug, but 2 games in a row (yes, ranked i'm not playing random turbos by accident) my MMR has stayed exactly the same. Playing the role assigned. No clue what's happening.


      One of my previous games I also didnt get any mmr. Then I contacted steam customer care and gave them match ID and told them I didnt get any mmr. They insisted that mmr is given, but i didnt get any mmr since I am writing down my mmr gain/loss every single game.
      And after one of my previous games I just got 3 mmr. Fucking 3 mmr? It is not a joke... It is like giving some coins to street beggers, at least I felt like mmr begger lol.


        Valve doesnt pay much lower mmr players.


          In my case, when i win gain +21 mmr but when i lost is -28 mmr thrown in trash.
          This new mmr system was made to empty the game.