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    Doing all hero challenge in turbo, give me some meme build ideas that are actually fun.


      terrorblade: armlet, blink, dagon
      ... to be a true troll you just cower to the jungle so you arent scouted by enemy spies too early, this way you can catch them off guard. activate armlet unholy strength until you are near death as you hide like a coward in the trees as close to an enemy hero as you can. slip into range and try to sunder from behind so they have to turn or use the fog as much as you can. trade the enemy your empty hp pool and ideally quickly finish them off. if you manage to start snowballing you can dagon instantly afterwards to remove the sad puddle of hp you left them with after sundering. use all chat to inflict psychological warfare towards your fresh victims, make them fear your ninja warrior abilities and become the ultimate meme assassin.


        Shadow blade Eblade Dagon Riki.
        Battle Fury Undying

        Boffy died for Our sins

          Undying Aghanim first item
          Recommended Allied : Alchemist (Scepter buff) + Crystal Maiden and/or Keeper of the Light (mana sustain)


            Eblade + Dagon Kotl offlane core

            The Real Slim Spiderman

              Troll warlord
              Jungle MoM , MKB , shadow blade with constant swearing and bashing teammates and enemies.


                1) Tidehunter rightclick build with Vlads, deadalus and +250 dmg talent + whatever needed.

                2) Sniper build with pike + 5 x rapier + ult talents + scepter eaten

                3) Sniper max attack speed build with blink, basher, treads and 4 x moonshard

                4) Void max attack speed build with blink, treads, mjolnir + 4 x moonshard (linken/bkb/manta if needed instead of 1 moonshard)

                5) Pa dagger build. Treads, Bf, Deso, Nullifier, Mkb, Abysal/rapier.

                6) Centaur 5 Heart build with upped Bot's

                7) Nyx eblade, dagon + agi talent

                8) Brewmaster rightlick build - actually a legit build and fun to play

                9) Lycan - Backdoor destroyer build - Dominator, AC, Deso, Necro 3, Upgraded Bots, Vlads, Dominate Alpha Wolf and tp to it when your enemies are trying to breach your HG. During 1 Howl you can take 1 tower and 1 raxx under Backdoor protection.

                10) Puck rightclick build

                11) Wyvern rightlick build

                12) Nightstalker carry with Bf, blink, abysal, nullifier, bkb and its actually a legit build if you playing vs Luna, Wyvern who both have good night vision.

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                Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                  Meme Hammer OD.
                  Meme Hammer DK.
                  Meme Hammer Meepo.
                  Meme Hammer Invoker.
                  Meme Hammer Clockwerk
                  Meme Hammer Mars
                  Meme Hammer Bane Elemental
                  Meme Hammer Elder Titan
                  Meme Hammer Faceless Void
                  Meme Hammer Naga Siren

                  Zero Impact Player

                    Deso aghs + one or two rapiers PA. Stand in blur and spam daggers. Can buy a bkb/abyssal after so you can commit for kills. You don't really need a BF in turbo. For talents, take damage, cleave, -armor and triple dagger.

                    Veil aghs manta Axe. Just spam battle hunger and run at people. Take the attack speed talent, attack procs helix and battle hunger dps (if you take MS you might not need blink but may have mana issues). Use manta to farm, or to attack targets you called. Feel free to go attack speed items after or whatever.

                    Aghs eblade blink Huskar (should be self-explanatory). Take the strength talent to maximize damage from eblade. For other items just stack strenght I guess.

                    Slardar with as many moonshards as you can buy. Make sure to buy an initiation item and bkb.

                    Carry Tusk with walrus punch talents. Prioritize attack speed, then damage.

                    Aghs eblade Undying.