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    Play solo Q = only animals that no one wants to play with are in the matchmaking pool, unplayable

    Play party Q = half the games have some immortal playing on an archon account to boost mmr for 4 players simultaneously, very fun

    Great, best time to play dota for sure


      Its like valve is a part of the bossting mafia and gets a cut from all the money, every update to the mmr system makes it easier for boosters.

      First the ranked seasons, more occasions to sell calibration service. now you can literally boost 5 accounts at the same time WidePeepoSad

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        but party games give u less mmr, and as u can see, nowadays if u calibrate on new accounts it will give u guardian even tho u had vhs on normal matches so valve is trying, (anshits cant party with guardians to get boosted).
        just give them time , they are looking for solutions.

        + i rather play against smurfs with normal 4k teammates than playing with a team full of stupid boosted acc buyers. just get gud!

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          Pale Mannie

            three wolfes?




                dont worry OP, just follow the way of ur beloved fren AimStrongChan u can reach anything with play time, krappa
                just play the game and dont worry.

                Espada n 6

                  Man you need understand in tris lower bracket 3k your teammates are shit , but enemy are shit too , I recommend you mute everyone and use chat wheel just for roshan and gank smoke , focus in your mistakes and your mmr you climb


                    Idk man sea server seems pretty stable atm no more stupid shitshow maybe just 1 game in 20 or so that's unplayable, the other is fine