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    @jack attack

    with all respects, ur lycan build sucks ass.
    u need ac asap
    and u dont need abyssal, scyth or bloodthorn are better
    and aghs broken at the moment probably rush it before necro

    Acoon ak'mp

      Shepherd of Fawns, may I have a question too. I came across your name few times now, seems you help people to improve.

      I play dota with some breaks, usually within the range 3.5-4+ k. After a break I drop and start figuring out what dota is at the current moment then climb. But now I dropped to 2.8k and stuck there. I've tried communication, different roles but mid, heroes, but it's always like 2-1-2, two games you loose no matter what, 2 games you win even if you will stay afk and 1 depends on you, kinda, I'm nost sure about the ratio. So the quiestion is, is there something I can do to win "unwinnable games" to climb faster, considering I'm not a booster/smurf and can't play brood/meepo/etc.

      Also, are you on YouTube or Twitch?

      Thank you!


        I know the games in the ancient medal are pretty bad but remember your role in the game, you are not the team's second hard carry who will damage and kill people not you, but the mid and hc, make items survival for the team such as greaves, pipe, spirit vessel, crimson. Get your team alive and take advantage of the enemy team with auras items, and disable maximum enemy heroes with your hero.

        Gaben, give me HERALD 0 now!

          make items survival for the team such as greaves, pipe, spirit vessel, crimson.

          Thanks for the reminder. I already pick up utility items like those when i play frontliners like Mars and Bristle.

          Besides itemisation, im looking for some quality advice on the most efficient farming patterns and map movements, cos even in "sure-loss" games in my tier, there's still pockets of space that can be exploited by an efficient player to potentially turn the game outcome around.

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          Lantern of Dreams

            I haven’t forgotten about you, just busy atm. I’ll make a post later

            Lantern of Dreams

              @Acoon ak'mp

              As I said elsewhere I'm busy at the moment. The reality is that I'd probably need to sit down and look at one of your replays to give you appropriate feedback. Regardless, I think I may make a thread about analysing your own replays so I can teach people to become self sufficient in their strategies to improve at the game, rather than having to do this personally for everyone who I would like to help.

              Don't get me wrong, I enjoy helping, but you'll probably find I'll be on here regularly at Christmas.'

              To answer your question in short for now:

              1. Winrate is the only long time predictor of mmr gains or losses. If you really care about mmr you need to change certain behaviours in yourself because your winrate comes from you and no one else.
              2. So behaviours like victim syndrome, blaming teammates, getting disheartened by teammates or lane losses, etc. These are all things that people can improve on. There's no point blaming teammates, because you will have idiots on your team around as often as there are idiots on enemy team.
              3. Don't play while tilted.
              4. Download your replays and watch back player perspectives and try to spot good plays and mistakes.
              5. I was on youtube and twitch back in my DOW2 days but I have never made content for Dota, so I doubt you'd be interested :P

              Acoon ak'mp

                @Lantern of Dreams

                Thank you!

                I think I built some vision of the game I can work with in the past two weeks. You don't count on teammates, though, you can ask something - communication. Also heroes/items don't matter as long as you can do your role/jobe/objectives with what you have/build. So the hardest part is to understand those things to do at the certain moments of the game (every minute), which I gonna work on.