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General DiscussionDoes Strict Solo MM still work

Does Strict Solo MM still work in General Discussion

    Or is it there just for show?
    Also, you think Valve will remove the option and try to enforce teamplay w friends and party?

    flourishing new leaf

      Still works. I have it on 24/7 and I never get parties


        Really wonky que times even as pos4/5 with 10k bh score. :/


          ^all the people are queued with friends to either boost or be boosted xD

          Finding A Match

            I have strict solo que on at 4-4.5k on two dif accounts (4/5) both are having que times of 1-2.30 que times so working fine for me.

            37 MVP and Counting

              it is still working. that settings is kind of hardcoded. you will never get party queued.


                Yup, still works.

                Having parties however can get you boosted with smurf friends and get xx winning streaks.