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Anyone who vote WR for arcana in General Discussion

    Better kys


      Well I had better get the rope ready then

      Glimmer of Dawn

        Suicide pact? ;)


          Its time :)



              we are gonna have fun when her arcana releases.
              dream team: bb techies wr tinker wk

              Gym 5 days Rest 2 days

                I’ve been voting for her every time since the quarter finals lel.


                  From the start I used all my votes against her. Fuck that gayginger bullshit braindead hero. Everyone but not her. Biggest cancer in Dota.


                    Lmao look atvthis guys hero pool and hes talking aboutvwr being cancer


                      wr is the cancer that every moron can pick it.
                      brainless hero with no need of skill.
                      every hero who getting lower winrate as skill bracket increases is a cancer
                      wr - techies - meepo - bristle back

                      assuming every body in that bracket skilled equally, having more winrate in herald compare to divine just means u won the game cause enemy is braindead, nothing more.

                      techies is the shining example of this, in guardian ppl just walking on mines and chase techies ass like morons. u are mostly winning because enemy have brain issues.

                      Pale Mannie

                        vote wr for the hope that she gets dumptered like in 6.86 after arcana release (valve time of course)
                        vote ogre and suffer the ravages of midas rushing shitter every game he's not banned
                        don't vote and act like a non-voting shitter if either one wins

                        tough choices

                        pro last hitter

                          how the fuck these 2 mongol heroes even got to the finals


                            I put my 48 to Ogre. Don't be a fool, join the two headed army.