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Wtf is This forum in General Discussion

    Honestly i cant tell anymore whos memeing and whos desillusional kid. Its hard to see diferences from serious posts to Total pepegas.

    Potato Marshal

      Seatards and Eurotards, they're
      both autistic, and love ironic meme humor. Coupled with their poor to mediocre English skills and how most of them are still in school, and you get something like Dotabuff forums.


        hi i'm not a retard

        Cheap Laugh Guy

          I'm sane.


            I'm old enough to know I am a little bit of a retard and probably not all sane either... But my English skills rock!


              I know my English skills Suck, but im Not Sure you can divide trolls from pepegas on this forum, even with perfect english.


                Just assume everyone’s a retard.


                  everyone who posted in the first 10 pages off the ayy lmao thread you can assume is highly above average intelligence


                    Average intelligence or average intelligence of db forum?


                      wat about me you kys


                        it's not just about this forum. dota 2 community is just like this, very toxic. if we start from ourselves and avoid falling in toxicity cycle. it will get better over time.


                          Im Not actually talking about toxic people, im talking about people that seem insanly stupid.


                            Like having 10k games and still beeing 4k dogs.

                            this game is fucking garbage

                              like you?

                              Daegu represent

                                People in the dota community itself are retards smh. I met too many brain dead people in mmr

                                Arian | Janex 2.0

                                  SUB 5K PLAYERS TRASH LOOOOOOOL :axe_laugh:


                                    The difference between dotabuff forums and most other forums relating to games is that everyone can see any posters skill and recent games before they even answer a post.

                                    We are kinda special in that sense, in most discussions that takes place all over internet people throw all sorts of statesments as facts without ever have to back them up.


                                      Yes people like me and many others.

                                      MMR= Meet More Retards

                                        @Arian | Janex 2.0 sup 5/6k trash?


                                          cuz u retard u cant understand whos meming or delusional;


                                            I'm here for daily dose of flaming and memeing


                                              4 k trash



                                                  LOLOLLOLOLOOLL BLUE STARS RUN THIS FOURM kid


                                                  keep crying for us


                                                    trust me if someone from SEA asking max mmr/calibration , they're nowhere near trolling/memeing. they're just bunch of uneducated monkeys

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                                                    smurf practice pos 1 mute...

                                                      I miss my blue star

                                                      서울메이트 [ 배주현 ]

                                                        page 3 of ayy lmao with blue star reporting in


                                                          i'm almost master tier with techies, so that is that


                                                            Sea threads are crybabies/trolls. Eu are memes or boredom.


                                                              This forum is an entire meme.


                                                                Idk had blue star for a while and then it was gone after some time. Not sure it works correctly, even matrice doesn't have a blue star anymore.


                                                                  Im that desillusional kid

                                                                  Strongest Sperm

                                                                    w8 potato marshal is just ancient 3?


                                                                      He is tresh pleyer