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pinoys are assholes
    I was playing as winter wyvern against a troll warlord, i used my curse on his allies standing by but every time i used it, instead of attacking his allies troll came running after me . Now i am not sure if its a bug, but there was no lotus orb or anything even close to that. Troll attacks nearby enemy in his battle trance so is winter curse dispellable? if he uses trance. Becuase this got me CONFUSED.

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      The tool tip says it "forces" you to attack nearby enemy heroes, so I suppose that means that since he isn't directly affected by the curse, battle trance still will prioritize your attacks towards enemies. However if you cursed right when it was about to end I'm sure he would go from attacking you to attacking his cursed teammate.

      Or maybe it's a bug and I'm wrong who knows.

      Marko Bulat

        This is very old, troll ult ignores the curse if you had any care for this game you would try interactions in demo mode, it exists for a reason. Axe ult ignores trolls ult so there pick support axe next time LUL!

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        pinoys are assholes

          Troll ultimate changed little time ago in recent patches and you are saying tis very old:)


            Pls explain what you mean axe ult ignores troll ult?


              Axe ult ignores trolls ult

              its not about ignoring or priority ! it says damage will not kill u in battle trance , but axe ult on low health enemy is not doing enemy dmg its not like necro ult, its just kill u :)


                Pls explain what you mean axe ult ignores troll ult?
                Culling blade will kill troll if he has low hp during his ult, much like how it kills heros under the protection of dazzles shallow grave

                Now i am not sure if its a bug
                Nope. Its just how the game is coded. The force attack on enemy command that troll has during his ult has higher priority than the force attack on ally command that winter wyverns ult creates

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                pinoys are assholes

                  Thanks for explaining :). Appreciate that.

                  نجمة دوتة

                    troll ult beats duel too