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Thoughts on Ns? in General Discussion

    I feel like he is supa strong rn.. forget about graduating. =_=

    Jack Attack

      I mean. Yes.

      My ping is higher than my...

        If I or my teammates play him he's the absolute garbage he's been for years, if enemy team picks him hide your children 'cause Boogeyman is back in town.

        Marko Bulat

          He is still a creep during the day, but during the night and when your ult is up, something should die, he is very good but doesnt mean anything if your team is unable to play around this and support you during periods where you have kill potential and forcing you to do stuff when its day time.

          Mr Niceguy

            >Pick viper

            >Break his 3rd



              >Pick viper
              >Break his 3rd

              Move slighty to the side?

              Goku Black

                An AoE silence and access to unobstructed movement means he is going to be very strong against disable supports like shaman and maiden, and his first night cycle in the game is such a big power spike he can easily start rolling over a safe lane core if they are ever caught alone. With Midas also being so insanely good right now Stalker can easily start snowballing out of control in a lot of matchups and secure an easy win.

                The best way to deal with a night stalker is pick a strong man fighter who can 1v1 him early (Ursa), or pick a core that can lock him down reliably and stop his unobstructed movement from wrecking havoc on your team (Bloodseeker, Naga Siren).

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