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    Do you ever get partied with 3 people? How are your games generally with them? In my duo party I constantly get paired with parties of 3 and am willing to bet I get LESS communication and teamwork out of a party of 3 than anything else. I usually only like to play duo parties but it's becoming impossible to play that and I'd almost rather just solo. What's the fix here? Do I need to find a 3rd friend? I know I should "gEt gOoD" too. Do you feel an advantage or disadvantage with parties of 3?

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      A party of 3 will contain the de facto captain for a variety of reasons. If you struggling it is probably because you’re not bending the knee...

      Marko Bulat

        Its aids, if i play ranked with friends if we really cant get 5 people than we will at least try to get 3. Ranked in 2s is in 90% unplayable unless you dont mind sucking their dicks and bend to their will.


          Yeah i play 2 stack party an awful lot. Occassionally we get a 3 stack that will actually communicate picks/strategy and be normal human beings. Mostly we are greeted with either silence or abuse by teammates though. Its not the best experience. I just hope we get paired with people who actually play well regardless of how pathetic they act


            It depends, I am playing 2-stack a lot, so it is not unusual to play with 3-stack. Sometimes you find out they are retards and they are tristack playing all three cores, which is kind of annoying. Once they all left after bad laning stage.But otherwise, the same players you can meet in solo.

            During this weekend there was completely retarded 3-stack that didnt understand we want lane together with my friend, we were forced to pick first 2 heroes in the team and after it they picked slark safelane and earthshaker who insisted on being roamer instead of picking support. Even though I wrote them 6 times we are together and we are offlane. IF they werent so arrogant, we might switch the roles but this behavior is not supported. And this slark went for brown boots midas build.

            But I understand it, when I am playing 3-4 stack, I play with friends together from one place, so if you are talking you dont need to write it as well in the chat so much.

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            My ping is higher than my...

              Disadvantage and boredom. One goes offlane, one mid and one carry and they're always beyond dogshit.


                Usually party of 3 people will use another communication method between them (e.g., discord) and they think that's enough.
                Try to get them to communicate with you. Ask for discord link or to activate dota chat. Use chat wheel and pings. As a last resort, mute all and play your game.

                Marko Bulat

                  Main argument comes from BM that people dont respect the rules. In party stack since i play dota rule was always that 1 stack gets safelane and other stack gets mid lane. If 3 stack or 2 stack take both safelane and mid there should be report option for that.


                    Never heard of this rule. :)

                    The only rule for me is that they should allow other 2 people be on the same lane, not splitting between all lanes. But that is from my point of view as I hate playing carry and prefer having there somebody from the stack (unless I can be Radiant position 5, where you can properly double pull).

                    @miiigz - if they have setup communication (especially in their language - they will not be keen on that. Usually they dont communicate that much, but if you are offering solutions (gank, smoke, push, def), they follow it. Especially if you set something up early which is succesful, so they have a reason to trust you.

                    So if there is nobody offering these solutions/actions to you, you should take initiative and call them and see if they follow.